Youth on guard against 'special war'

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  • 11:01 3 February 2024
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WAN - In Wan, young people from the DEM Party are on an action against special war policies. Abdullah Gurkan from the Youth Assembly emphasized the need to fight against drugs and prostitution.
The "Li dijî şerê taybet tekoşînek bi heybet (Magnificent resistance against special war policies)" campaign, which was started by the People's Equality and Democratic Party (DEM Party) Youth Assembly on August 5, 2023, continues. 
DEM Parti Wan Youth Assembly also participated in the October 24 anti-drug campaign. They started to carry out a series of activities in the neighborhoods against drugs and special war policies. Young people go from house to house, informing the public about drugs and special war policies and distribute leaflets on these issues. It was learned that young people will diversify their action in the coming days.
Abdullah Gurkan, a member of the Youth Assembly, stated that the absolute isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan is intended to spread to all dynamics of society. Gurkan said: "They want to spread the absolute isolation policy initiated in Imralı to the people of Kurdistan and Turkey. Today, we see the effect of isolation in every aspect of life."
Pointing out that there is a connection between the isolation policy and special war policies such as prostitution, drugs and spying, Gurkan said that these policies aim to eliminate the living spaces of young people. 
Stating that they want to stand against special war policies with the campaign they started, Gurkan said: "They want to create a corrupt and populist society that surrenders with the special war policy and loses the perception of patriotism. Today, we are carrying out work everywhere. We carry out actions in the neighborhoods. With this, we do not allow prostitution and drugs. The system wants 'Kurdish youth not to be aware of their own identity, not to be conscious and organized' We are also fighting against this."
Noting that the fighting spirit of young people is being targeted, Gurkan said: "Young people are organizing themselves under the DEM Party today. That is why the AKP-MHP fascist government is attacking young people. They want to scare young people. With these policies, they want to distance young people from their identities. They also carry out these attacks against families."
Gurkan pointed out that they want to end the isolation that spread throughout the country, starting from Imralı, with the campaign, and continued: "All our actions and activities are aimed at breaking the isolation. We will continue to raise our voices in every field and support the hunger strike action launched in prisons. Do not interfere with special war policies. We will continue our struggle to build a conscious, common sense and organized society."