16:30 actual
Reason of ban in Hakkari: Anniversaries of TKEP / L, MLCP and MKP
11:47 actual
Criminal complaint against torture in Osmaniye Prison
11:45 actual
Police operations against HDP continue in Mardin and Şırnak
11:42 actual
Identified body stays in morgue for 28 days saying the prosecutor's on leave
11:15 editor's pick
25 taken under custody in Urfa
11:14 editor's pick
75-year-old sick prisoner Ahmet Silik no longer recognizes his family
10:55 actual
HDP deputies continue their tour in Argentina
10:54 actual
Hasankeyf on Swedish and Finnish media
10:54 actual
Battered prisoners: We'll start a death fast
10:03 actual
1000 days of state of emergency in Van
09:34 actual
Prosecutor won't prosecute the torture!
16:35 actual
One million new unemployed persons per year
16:34 actual
Many HDP members under custody
12:43 actual
Pentagon: Agreement on safe zone to be implemented in stages
12:40 actual
Death fast against torture in Elazığ Prison
10:59 actual
HDP's Çepni: Intervention to Rojava is to save ISIS
10:27 actual
68 year old lady camps in Kaz Mountains for 21 day: We must protect our lungs
10:03 actual
'Steps should be taken for the Istanbul Convention '
15:01 actual
Dam reservoir operation in Ilısu Dam becoming a threat
13:16 actual
Facebook paid contractors to transcribe users’ audio chats
13:14 actual
German police raid Kurdish institution and two houses in Kassel
11:33 actual
Letters from prison considered evidence for 'being a member of an illegal organization'
11:22 actual
Police raid to our reporter Ergin Çağlar's home
09:55 actual
Grandmother of sick prisoner Aktaş: I can't take it anymore
13:27 actual
300 thousand refugees took refuge in Europe in 6 months
12:14 ecology
No audit in Akkuyu while there is a crack
11:21 actual
Families on the way to İmralı
11:13 actual
TJA campaign: The goal is to organize every woman
15:28 actual
From Salih Muslim to Ankara: Dialogue is the essence for solution
12:09 actual
HDP MPs Günay and Paylan to visit Latin America
10:23 actual
Sick prisoner was beaten by prison guards and dragged on the floor
10:19 actual
'If Hasankeyf is the history of humanity, Kaz Mountains are its lungs'
15:16 actual
Families applied to visit İmralı for holiday
13:55 actual
6 investigations for HDP District Co-chair in 10 days
13:10 actual
2 people arrested in Antep for social media shares
13:00 actual
BAŞKAYA: The problem will not be solved by ignoring the Kurds
12:39 actual
HDP office raided, co-chairs detained in Muş
12:17 actual
Home raid in Bağlar: Pregnant woman under custody
12:16 actual
Police raided the wrong house, threatened to kill the family!
10:17 actual
‘The brotherhood of Kaz Mountains with Hasankeyf will not be prevented’
09:20 actual
Öcalan: I am ready for a solution
09:19 actual
Letter to UK Foreign Secretary on Hasankeyf and the Ilisu Dam
17:01 actual
Alleged death threat from prison guards
16:36 actual
A person in Urfa was caught with a bomb set up
14:28 actual
Cizre Chief Prosecutor's Office could not deny that the medical staff were arrested for treatment!
13:23 actual
3 detained in Ankara
13:04 actual
Iranian soldiars killed a border merchant
12:27 ecology
Motion for new trial for gold mining in Kaz Mountains
11:52 actual
Speaking Kurdish under custody is forbidden!
11:51 actual
Turkey: 31 women murdered in July, 245 in the first 7 months