15:22 editor's pick
Trustee interviewing workers: What are the names of the soldiers who died in Afrin?
15:21 editor's pick
Ministry of Justice extends cancelation of visits to prisoners
15:19 actual
Lawyer Şimşek: A system that launders the criminal have been institutionalized
11:56 actual
Minister of Transport dismissed from office
11:55 actual
The crime of the imprisoned co-mayor: Planting green beans with the women!
11:44 actual
'We will take to the streets if measures are not taken for the prisoners'
09:38 actual
Erdogan: New decisions have been implemented in 30 metropolitan cities
09:36 actual
Death toll from coronavirus in Turkey reaches 92
09:35 actual
Son of Kurdish writer Cegerxwîn dies of Coronavirus
09:35 actual
Co-mayor of Halfeli remanded in custody
17:09 actual
Güven: The embargo on Maxmur must be lifted immediately
15:57 actual
Imralı application from families and the lawyers
15:56 actual
Municipal co-mayors were made to appear before the prosecutor in handcuffs
15:55 actual
Seriously sick prisoner Kaya still in the I.C.U
13:41 actual
Women's organizations: No remission for sex crimes
13:41 actual
HDP: Curfew should be declared meeting basic needs
12:41 actual
Only 18 of the 65 municipalities won by HDP left
11:23 actual
'Trustees are a blow to socialist municipalism'
11:22 actual
Mardin Bar Association President Elik: This draft violates the principle of equality
09:37 actual
Death toll from Covid-19 jumps to 75 in Turkey with 3,629 cases
09:36 actual
Our reporters Topaloğlu and Eser released from prison
09:36 actual
Co-mayors of Batman released with travel ban
09:35 actual
Alevi organisations demand the release of all prisoners
16:31 actual
TEV-DEM condemns Turkey for cutting water supply to Hesekê
16:31 actual
Retirees Solidarity Union: Outbreak measures caused discrimination
14:56 actual
Campaing for imprisoned journalists: 'Let Imprisoned Journalists Stay Home, Too'
14:44 actual
70 year old prisoner tested positive for coronavirus in Sincan Prison
13:02 actual
'Content on EBA TV is part of the current education system'
11:08 actual
Regional bar associations: No crime discrimination in execution
10:49 actual
'The government does not partner with NGOs to avoid revealing how grave the situation is'
10:48 actual
House arrest and ban on leaving the country for HDP mayors
10:48 actual
Deposed co-mayor of Eğil remanded in custody
10:47 actual
Number of coronavirus deaths increases to 44 in Turkey
10:47 actual
House arrest for Co- Mayors Toprak and Mercan
10:46 actual
SDF responds to UN call for global ceasefire
15:58 actual
HDP: Distance education is designed according to AKP's ideological needs
13:50 actual
7 detained in Siirt
13:45 actual
Co-mayor refuses imposition by governor taken into custody
13:42 actual
HDP Co-Mayors detained due to ongoing investigations
13:13 actual
Bingöl Bar Association President: Deciding on government orders is a constitutional crime
13:12 actual
Journalists working despite the epidemic: Facts cannot be hidden in order not to cause panic
13:10 actual
Circular on the working hours of markets from the Ministry of Interior
13:10 actual
Military operation in Kulp, Hazro, Lice triangle
13:09 actual
Trustee appointed to Siirt Gökçebağ and Iğdır Halfeli
13:06 actual
Trustee appointed to HDP's Güroymak Municipality
09:55 actual
Lice Co-Mayor Mercan detained
09:54 actual
Coronavirus call from SDF Commander Ebdi
09:54 actual
UN Secretary-General calls for an immediate global ceasefire
09:53 actual
Death toll from coronavirus in Turkey reaches 37
16:51 actual
Reaction against the trustee in Batman: AKP threatens the public health