14:53 editor's pick
Law suit filed against journalist Sala for allegedly working for Roj TV 12 years later
14:52 editor's pick
Karayılan announced names of chemicals used in Federated Kurdistan
11:43 actual
Şenyaşar Family's Justice Watch enters day 264
11:41 actual
Aydeniz: The way to a free life is through resistance
11:40 actual
House raids in multiple cities
17:34 actual
Untreated sick patlient dies in prison
17:33 actual
Gezi Trial: Kavala remains in prison
16:56 actual
New application submitted by Öcalan's family and guardian
14:09 actual
Justice Watch of relatives of prisoners on day 11
14:06 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan applies to international institutions: Expose this illegal isolation
14:05 actual
33 women on trial for defending İstanbul Convention
13:17 actual
Şenyaşar Family: Enforce the law in Urfa
13:17 actual
Scores of HDP members detained in Kocaeli and İstanbul
10:36 actual
Journalist Mame: KDP blocks investigation of chemical weapons use
10:35 actual
4 prisoners over 70 are struggling with serious diseases
09:38 actual
Guards threaten prisoners in Türkoğlu Prison
15:53 actual
Lawyers applied to Parliament regarding Öcalan and prisoners in İmralı
14:21 actual
Sancar: Opposition parties should submit joint election proposal to Parliament
13:20 actual
Şenyaşar family: The reason for this tragic course of events is injustice
12:54 actual
Our reporter Acar released from detention
12:11 politics
HDP MYK convened: Political agenda and economic crisis will be discussed
11:28 actual
Application to Ministry of Justice for Öcalan: End this uncertainty
10:21 actual
Turkey's use of chemical weapons on Europe agenda
09:47 actual
İlham Ehmed met with Lavrov
13:24 actual
Lawyers submit new application to visit İmralı
13:20 actual
Şenyaşar family: There will be no making amends before those committed crimes are held to account
13:10 actual
Tan: If you want to make amends, stop denying
12:11 actual
'Female politicalprisoners fighting against inhumane practices'
11:27 actual
Gurban's attorney: Violation decision is not implemented so that Öcalan does not benefit from it
11:27 actual
USA: Money going back and forth between ISIS and Turkey
19:44 actual
Detention period of journalist Acar extended for 4 more days
19:06 actual
Journalist Acar under custody for 4 days: Security Directorate is taking revenge
16:34 actual
How are Bayraktar drones sold to which country?
16:27 actual
Öztürk: The system Erdoğan represents collapsed
13:54 actual
Şenyaşar Family: Release Journalist Emrullah Acar
12:52 actual
Not being protected, Ergany Church fell into ruin
12:48 actual
Confidentiality order on our reporter Acar's file
10:23 actual
Mother subjected to strip search, fainted
10:22 actual
Mothers to KDP: We want a headstone for our children
11:16 actual
Medicament crisis in Turkey
10:56 actual
Prisoner with schizophrenia after torture is not released
17:08 actual
HDP: Millions of children are deprevide of their right to education in their mother tongue
13:30 actual
PYD Women's Council Spokesperson: Turkey's problem with Rojava is the hope it creates
13:29 actual
Şenyaşar Family: We need to stand together and stop oppression
13:28 actual
KDP forces driven to war tunnels exposed to chemical weapons
13:27 actual
Aim is to banish Kurds from Kurdistan
15:39 actual
DFG: You can't scare journalists
15:38 actual
Şenyaşar family: They destroyed the country to prevent being held to account
12:33 actual
Kurds returning home from Belarus border
12:33 actual
New application submitted by Öcalan's family and guardian