15:15 actual
TAJÊ Spokesperson Sebrî: Öcalan's philosophy is alight in this darkness
13:58 actual
HDP members who refused to be searched at check point, blocked the road
13:29 actual
Şenyaşar family: Moving forward with the investigation was prevented
13:21 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submit new application for a meeting with their client
13:20 actual
Drone attack on Til Rifet
16:55 actual
Önlü: Turkey attacked Doğan's funeral just like Israel attacked Shireen Abu Akleh
14:35 actual
Makbule Özer: I could die here at any minute!
14:34 actual
'The victory of Shengal will be the liberation of Iraqi politics'
13:09 actual
HDP delegation following visit to Iraq: Everyone agrees war can't solve problems
11:08 actual
Pressures on border cities sky rockets: They are banning our own lands to us
17:31 actual
Who runs SADAT, which Kılıçdaroğlu says 'raising terrorists'?
14:12 actual
Violent clashes in Mount Gabar
13:31 actual
Heso Îbrahîm: they are targeting the status of Shengal
13:06 actual
Şenyaşar family: We expect justice, not privilege
12:48 actual
Ranger who returned from front: Scores of Turkish soldiers died
12:31 actual
24 Turkish drone attacks in 28 months: 31 died , 35 injured
09:12 actual
Ill prisoner Abdullah Ece lost his life
08:25 actual
Israel airstrike against Syria: 4 dead, 7 injured
08:25 actual
Intense clashes in Afrin
08:24 actual
Russian warplanes bombed Turkish base
08:23 actual
Mutual bombardment continues in Aleppo
18:30 actual
The decision is political, says lawyer Fermon as Belgian justice acquits Turkish assassination team
16:04 actual
Police violence during house raid
15:38 actual
16 prisoners being held in cells in Yozgat
15:37 actual
New application submitted by Öcalan's family and legal guardian
15:36 actual
Lost her daughter in Turkish chemical weapons attack: Kurds must unite against war
13:14 actual
Ammunition left behind by soldiers poses threat for civillians
13:12 actual
Şenyaşar family: It is an honor to resign if you cannot provide justice
13:11 actual
Air mobility in Yüksekova
13:11 actual
SDF announced the balance sheet of Turkey's latest attacks
13:10 actual
Mother who lost her daughter in Avaşîn: We shouldn't betray each other
11:36 actual
Will Turkey use refugees it trained in an attack?
11:35 actual
Turkish attack on villages of Kobanê continue
10:39 actual
Turkish attack on Kobanê and Minbic
15:16 actual
Çetin, subjected to torture with dogs, was not released
15:01 actual
Kurdish singer Xalîde detained in Istanbul
14:56 actual
Journalist Aydın: Disagreements started within KDP
14:33 actual
Sergeant who said Turkish army can not advance in operation against Kurds, relocated
14:29 actual
Remains of Naim Sönmez released to his family 4 years later
14:28 actual
Governor who witnessed the Şenyaşar Massacre, demoted back to Ankara!
12:11 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submit new application for a meeting with their client
12:10 actual
Turkish chopper hit in Zap
11:54 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan applies to Constitutional Court regarding ban on family visits
11:54 actual
Seriously ill prisoner 83-year-old Özkan hospitalised twice
11:52 actual
Military mobility in Lice, Diyarbakır
11:51 actual
Turkish warplanes shelled Shehba and Eyn İsa
16:48 actual
Barzani targeted Shengal
15:58 actual
Ban on entry to villages of Mount Cudi
15:46 actual
Iran bombed Biradost and Balekayeti
15:44 actual
‘The border line is fenced with razor wire, trenches are being dug