12:25 editor's pick
Call from DEM Party to confront the Seyfo Massacre
12:24 editor's pick
Women take over guard duty against trustee
12:23 actual
'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
12:23 actual
Call from Hüda Kaya's daughter before trial
17:42 actual
ÖHD applies to Wan Bar Association for Abdullah Öcalan
17:39 actual
Eid application from family and lawyers to Imrali
15:30 actual
Lawyer of Abdullah Öcalan: If there is no isolation, why CPT report not disclosed?
11:36 actual
Solitary confinement to prisoners in Antalya Type S
10:52 actual
They will shout 'Freedom for Öcalan' in front of CPT
10:50 actual
Water and hospital transportation problems in Şırnak Prison
10:47 actual
Lawyer Cinbaş: Appointing a trustee is political, not legal
10:46 actual
'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
17:23 actual
Message from Akış to the rally: We will continue to resist
14:43 women
Penalty request against 6 women journalists
14:35 actual
Imrali petition from legal organizations to Ankara Bar Association
14:34 actual
Penalty request for journalist Müftüoğlu
12:46 actual
'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
12:45 actual
Application to meet Abdullah Öcalan
10:02 actual
Lawyer Sevimli: Trustee is political brigandage, it has no legal basis
18:09 actual
Co-Mayor Uğur releases
18:07 actual
Elçi murder resulted in impunity: 3 police officers were acquitted
17:15 actual
Relatives of prisoners met with Minister of Justice
16:17 actual
Religious scholars: We will be in Colemêrg to raise our voices louder
16:03 women
Suspicious death of a woman in Cizir
15:26 actual
Sinan Akay, perpetrator of violence arrests
15:20 economy-labor
Call from chambers and unions against 'savings package'
15:10 actual
Healthcare professionals' struggle for 'tax justice' continues
13:58 actual
Ayşe Ateş: 'Erdoğan gave the order to take action'
12:33 actual
Constitutional Court rules violation of monitoring lawyer-client meeting
12:29 actual
Feridun Yazar commemorated at his grave
12:28 culture
Gerok Ma organizes children's event at Şemrex
12:27 actual
Armed attack on private hospital in Istanbul
12:01 actual
People depart to say 'stop' to trustee
11:42 actual
Child hit by car dies
11:06 actual
'They are trying to cover up the murder of child worker Haskiro'
10:57 actual
Lawyer Nikbaht: Sentence given to Özdemir arbitrary
10:27 actual
2 students caught in current in Fırtına Creek dies
10:12 actual
'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
14:31 actual
Rape case in the congregation postponed to July 16
14:31 actual
Criminal complaint against Yeni Şafak targeting municipality
11:12 actual
Lawyers apply to the UN for 'urgent action' for Imrali
11:04 actual
TBB allocated 138 of 175 vehicles to AKP municipalities.
09:24 actual
'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
09:24 actual
Asked about Abdullah Öcalan and postponed her release
09:04 actual
Xwebûn published: 'Resistance against the trustees'
11:28 actual
'Freedom' protest of prisoners continues
11:20 women
What does government aim with 'Action Plan for the Protection of the Family'?
11:17 actual
Prisoner on death fast weighs 40 kilos
11:15 actual
67th issue of Jin magazine published
11:12 actual
Journalist Buldan: Turkey cannot achieve the success it planned