11:48 actual
Musa Orhan motion rejected on grounds of being 'hurtful'
11:48 actual
106th application from the lawyers
11:47 actual
'Judicial control order is a method of submission'
10:06 actual
HDP MPs: Attempted murder by state
17:31 actual
Gülsüm Elvan: I didn't give birth to my son for you to kill him
15:55 actual
Two people detained over attack on health workers in Ankara
15:53 actual
First photo of Turgut, thrown out of a helicopter
13:56 actual
Refugees walks for months without food and water
13:55 actual
Osman Şiban who was thrown out of a helicopter arrived at his home in Mersin
13:54 actual
Eye witness: They were perfectly fine when they got on the helicopter
13:20 actual
TSK operations turns out to be copy pasted
12:23 actual
After David Graeber: Kurds lost their ally, the world lost an intellectual guide
12:22 actual
First words of Osman Şiban
15:40 actual
Military hospital doctors: Şiban is unable to give his statement
14:39 actual
HDP met with embassy representatives of 26 EU member states
13:38 actual
Lawyers of Şiban and Turgut: Governorate is clueless about the case
12:37 actual
Prison sentence requested for Journalist Temizkan
12:22 actual
No news from Iranian Ali Hajılon, who was released 12 days ago
12:21 actual
'Poor kids drop out of school, looking for a job'
12:21 actual
Decision of non prosecution of torture with baseball bat
09:19 actual
Şiban thrown out of a helicopter forcibly taken to military hospital
09:18 actual
1 year 2 months prison sentence for İhsan Eliaçık,
09:17 actual
Statement of Van Governorate not in accord with withness statements
16:45 actual
Abducted HDP executive applies to the Human Rights Organisation
14:23 actual
Gendermerie raids wedding, villagers rebels against the harrassment: 21 rangers lay down arms
14:21 actual
Kurdish team Dalkurd cencored: 123456789
12:21 actual
10 years 6 months prison sentence for Journalist Karataş
11:11 actual
Journalist Oruç to remain in prison
11:05 actual
'Öcalan is the key to peace'
11:00 actual
Relatives of the two men thrown out of the helicopter, threatened with death
16:54 actual
Sick prisoner who died in prison buried under police blockade
14:53 actual
From Aydeniz to the UN: If there is a war crime, why don't you take a step?
14:52 actual
HDP: The AKP-MHP government and its subordinates will definitely be prosecuted
11:03 actual
Musa Anter will be commemorated in two places on the 28th year of his murder
10:41 actual
Kidnapped HDP CEB member Aktumur: This is an attack against the idea of HDP
09:40 actual
Criminal complaint against torture: Soldiers told they will shoot us
14:24 politics
Anti-fascist bloc move from HDP
12:08 actual
Mother whose son on hunger strike in prison: Hear their voices
10:13 actual
HDP's Dağ: Government uses JİTEM tactics
09:33 actual
Musa Anter and Free Press Martyrs Journalism Awards announced
08:38 actual
The torture Şiban subjected to was photographed
08:23 actual
Leyla Güven released from custody
19:33 actual
DTK Co-Chair Leyla Güven detained
15:09 actual
Assault report of Şiban, thrown from helicopter: 'He fell from a height'
13:14 actual
Turkish Medical Association: We stand by our words
12:38 actual
One person injured by fire from soldiers
12:37 actual
The loss is the same, the answers are different
11:12 actual
The governorship paid the lawyer's fees for the village guards in the JİTEM case
15:12 actual
8 years prison sentence to HDP former Muş Provincial Co-Chair Karagüzel
15:12 actual
The torture that Şiban suffered under custody reflected in the report