18:31 actual
The deputy’s microphone turned off when she spoke Kurdish on Mother Language Day
16:21 actual
Call to international institutions for imprisoned journalist Müftüoğlu
13:56 editor's pick
No news from journalist detained by KDP for 120 days
13:49 actual
Intervention against prisoners for listening to Kurdish
11:04 actual
Languages in Black Sea disappear
09:58 editor's pick
Hunger strike in prisons on its 87th day
09:56 actual
Prison sentences for 15 politicians in KCK Case
18:20 actual
Exciting office openings by DEM Party
17:40 politics
Multilingual group meeting from DEM Party: Our language is our redline
17:38 actual
Message from the Justice Watch: We are here for Öcalan
17:15 women
No news from the woman who reported 'My husband will kill me'
16:59 actual
Flags at DEM Party election office removed
16:58 culture
Demand 'Kurdish must be the official and educational language'
16:57 actual
Lawyers apply to go to Imralı
16:56 actual
Not been releases for a year due to 'low life principle'
15:45 actual
DEM Party's decides to nominate candidates in 3 cities
15:27 culture
Iranian regime detained 4 people who made video clip in Kurdish
15:23 actual
The delegation started their visit in Istanbul: Abdullah Ocalan must be released
15:16 actual
Dr. Thoreau Redcrow: Ocalan is only solution that can salvage the Turkish Republic
11:28 actual
Hunger strike in prisons on its 86th day
11:16 actual
Kurdish elective courses: There are students but no teachers
11:15 actual
Reason for preventing release: 'Not ready to integrate with society'
11:02 actual
Artists: The Kurdish issue must be solved for social peace
11:00 culture
Dîjle: The struggle for Kurdish to be the language of education must be increased
10:58 actual
The Rojava Revolution is also a 'language revolution'
09:52 actual
DEM Party district co-chairs detained
21:54 actual
DEM Party member Aslan asked for information about Ocalan after the Gemlik earthquake
20:55 actual
Mass march on Mother Language Day in Wan
20:38 actual
Letter from Wan to PKK Leader Ocalan
19:05 actual
DEM Party in many cities
18:18 actual
Justice Watch: Resistance will definitely succeed
16:53 actual
'Mother Language' seminar from Amed Kurdish Institute
16:28 world
'Bijî Serok Apo' chants in front of White House
16:24 women
Femicide in Manavgat
16:23 actual
Release of 30-year seriously ill prisoner postponed second time
13:36 actual
Landslide in Afghanistan: At least 25 dead
12:16 actual
Hunger strike in prisons on its 85th day
12:14 actual
Yaşar Kırmızı releases after 32 years
12:13 actual
No news from journalist detained by KDP for 118 days
11:21 culture
21 February International Mother Language Day: Kurdish is still banned
11:19 women
Göksoy: Women-oriented local government is possible with co-chairship
20:49 culture
'World Mother Language Day' panel: There is a linguistic genocide in Turkey
20:35 actual
2 relatives of Hadi Amiri were killed
20:13 actual
Latest situation in the Israel-Hamas war: Deaths approached 30 thousand
20:11 actual
A new lawsuit against Türkiye for not paying compensation from Iraq
19:12 actual
Justice Watch in 6 cities: Demand for freedom for Abdullah Ocalan
18:56 actual
Statement against drugs in Êlih
18:45 actual
A march for the Kurdish language will be held in Wan
16:58 culture
New election music: Serfiraz bo DEM Party
16:36 politics
DEM Party's election manifesto, article by article