09:46 editor's pick
KCDK-E Co-Chair Koç: The address of the solution is İmralı
09:18 editor's pick
Journalist Fırat Can Arslan detained
16:59 politics
New cabinet convened: War and economy on the agenda
15:57 actual
Attack on Mount Guherzê
15:56 actual
From Şenyaşar family to Minister Tunç: He should start work from Urfa
15:56 actual
Prison sentence for battered journalist
15:35 actual
ECtHR found Yüksekdağ and Demirtaş justified
13:56 actual
Mother, father and 6 children detained
13:55 actual
Gas bomb attack on villagers who oppose the practice of DEDAŞ
13:55 actual
Abdullah Öcalan: AKP is trying to create a Kurdish Hamas
12:40 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submit new application for a visit in İmralı
12:38 actual
Policy of violence applied to health workers
11:35 actual
Post-election pressures increased in Akbelen
10:28 actual
Currency continues to rise
16:51 actual
Environment Day decision from the Green Left Party
14:57 actual
Şenyaşar family will hang the 'justice' banner in the Parliament
14:43 actual
Rape trial in the congregation adjourned until July 17
13:56 actual
'Arrest' decision to be awaited in Journalist Ölçen case
12:39 actual
HDP's statement on the June 5 massacre
12:23 actual
Pine nuts destroyed in Kozak Plateau
11:21 actual
Night raid on the resistance of villagers from the soldiers
10:57 actual
Crisis of Turkey deepens: the solution is not in war, but in democracy
10:16 actual
Dollar exceeded 21 lira
10:01 actual
A ranger found dead in his car in Cîzir
09:53 actual
Drone attack in Şarbajêr
15:40 actual
Condemnation Imrali isolation at TUHAY-DER congress
14:04 actual
Journalist Yalçın: We will continue to write the truth
13:15 actual
Military operation in Lice
12:59 actual
Air attack on Amediye
12:18 actual
Trustee puts the plots up for sale
11:55 actual
Day and night resistance against the blockade
11:06 actual
Barzani to attend Erdogan's oath-taking ceremony
10:55 actual
IIl prisoner who lives in bedridden not released
09:52 actual
Mine explosion in Bradost
09:50 actual
6 young people arrested in Izmir
16:39 actual
Emine Şenyaşar: We should end this persecution
14:55 actual
Karayılan: The addressee of the Kurdish question is the state, not the parties
13:44 actual
Resistance in Makhmur paved the way for dialogue
13:31 actual
New application submitted by the families of Öcalan and other prisoners
12:25 actual
Makhmur resistance on its 14th day
12:25 actual
Banned weapons used 8 times in May
12:24 actual
Rights organizations: We will not give up the fight against violations
11:00 actual
Prisoner living with platinum on his back paralyzed
10:23 actual
Keskin: Kurds acted most organized in the election
17:30 actual
Airstrike on a house in Shengal
16:23 actual
Child who shot during the Erdogan celebrations died
16:12 actual
Banned to 14 regions in Şırnak
16:08 actual
Parliament will open tomorrow with an oath-taking ceremony
15:55 actual
142 people executed in a month in Iran
15:38 actual
Prisoners are not allowed to take air