18:19 actual
Police blockade on bar heads continue, lawyers are not allowed to join them
17:55 actual
Hrant Dink trial posponed: Rejection to summon the intelliengence to the court
16:59 actual
Demand for justice for the Kurdish journalist Aziz Oruç
16:30 editor's pick
Bar heads under police blockade in Ankara
16:30 editor's pick
HDP announces the schedule of "Democracy Meetings"
12:36 actual
Bar heads invite the lawyers to Ankara: We will be on duty
12:35 actual
Lawyers file application to Prosecutor's Office to visit Öcalan
11:11 actual
Kurdish politicians: All steps towards the national unity
11:10 actual
Turkish Parliament passes the two articles of the much debated 'multiple bars' bill
19:57 actual
Online meeting for the freedom of Öcalan
19:34 actual
Witnesses take the stand in Hrant Dink trial
18:22 actual
Protest in Ankara Courthouse for lawyers on death fast
17:24 actual
Controversial 'mass grave' trial referred to Constitutional Court
12:30 actual
The door of the HDP member marked by 'Turkish flag'
12:30 actual
Mortal shell and mine ready to explode found in Diyarbakır
19:05 actual
Journalist Demir's trial postponed
18:52 actual
Buried in the same grave: Father died in massacre, son died in airstrike
18:29 actual
Çetin arrested: My political activities have been legal and public
16:21 actual
Rojbin Çetin sent to court for arrest
19:22 actual
Application for Demirtaş’s release denied
18:35 actual
Batman Municipality Co-Mayor and councilors detained
14:59 actual
Bar heads back to their provinces: Everything is just beginning
14:58 actual
Second phase in HDP's struggle program: Democracy Meetings
12:10 actual
Death toll rises to 11 as migrant boat sinks in Lake Van
12:09 actual
Prisons and COVID-19: Ill prisoners on the edge of 'death'
09:54 actual
Multiple bar system proposal accepted at the Parliamentary Justice Commission
17:05 actual
Another flood in Başkale
16:54 actual
The death of the child deemed as 'lawful'
15:13 actual
'The end of the day in Libya for Turkey'
14:32 actual
Slaughter of trees in Cudi Mountains
12:37 actual
Urfa Bar Association Head: We will keep on struggle until the draft bill is withdrawn
12:02 actual
Hot conflict in Dûpişk Hill
10:54 actual
In quest of the bones of their father
10:14 actual
DTK Co-Chair Öztürk: Targeting DTK is an attack on the future of the peoples of Turkey
09:35 actual
Comission passes 12 articles of the much debated bill to split bars
19:24 actual
Death toll in the fireworks factory explosion raised to 4
19:03 actual
4 human rights activists convicted of terror charges
18:46 actual
Kurdish woman politicans Kışanak and Tuncel not released
17:27 actual
Massive protest from the lawyers: We shall never surrender
15:52 actual
Bar heads march to the Parliament
15:51 actual
Journalists detained and fined for social distancing
15:51 actual
5 more prisoners join the hunger strike
12:49 actual
Tea and breakfast ban for the bar heads
12:48 actual
Bar heads sit up all night under police blockade
12:36 actual
Letter from Leyla Güven to the European Leaders
11:57 actual
Lawyers for Freedom: Meet the demands of Ünsal and Timtik
19:54 actual
'Those responsible for the Sivas massacre must be brought to justice'
18:38 actual
27th year of Sivas massacre: This year is dedicated to Dr. Behçet Aysan
17:30 actual
Two Kurdish activists sentenced to more than 10 years of prison
16:36 actual
Lawyers apply to visit Imralı Prison