16:02 actual
Iraq: Demonstrators executed by death squads
15:05 actual
House Arrest of ETHA reporters Şahin and Gayıp Lifted
14:49 actual
Torment to the dead: Religious ceremonies of 24 people could not be fulfilled
14:40 actual
Amnesty International : Turkey must abide by the decision about Kavala
12:50 editor's pick
World sees Cizre while judiciary ignores
12:45 actual
Campaign launched in Paris demands freedom for HDP deputies
12:42 actual
House raids and detentions in Lice
12:40 editor's pick
Detentions in Mardin
12:37 actual
Prof Barkey: World countries condoning Turkey's actions
10:48 actual
Prof. Dr. Nacaroğlu: Dams are built for strategic purposes, not for energy
10:00 actual
Turkish Lira replaces Syrian Lira in occupied Azaz city
09:59 actual
SDF General Commander Abdi met Wise leaders
09:57 actual
Artist Yılmaz Çelik arrested
09:57 actual
27 people sentenced to 168 years in jail in “KCK” case including Güven
09:56 actual
15 thousand people from HDP detained, 6 thousand arrested
15:23 actual
Murdered Murat Kaya's 2 brothers taken into custody
15:20 actual
Öcalan's lawyers applied for a visit
15:18 actual
‘82.1 Percent of Society Think That Fundamental Rights and Freedoms are Violated’
15:10 actual
ECtHR: Release Osman Kavala Immediately
15:06 actual
İpekyolu Municipality Co- Mayor being held in solitary confinement
15:05 actual
Mother Dilber Kaya: They are trying to whitewash themselves calling my son a 'terrorist'
13:34 actual
Çiçek Kobané's right to treatment being prevented
11:53 actual
SMO is riffling through Girê Spî
11:53 actual
HDP: We did not withdraw from GABB, GABB was seized
11:52 actual
First hearing of co-mayors of Kulp Municipality to be held tomorrow
11:52 actual
Buldan: Early election is an urgent agenda
Temelli: Time to build the Democratic Republic
10:27 actual
Police breaking the arm of an MP found lawful
10:26 actual
Birdal: Turkey have become the land of murders
08:59 actual
Three co-mayors arrested while two released
14:58 actual
The police breaking the back of an attorney stands trial after 3 years
14:14 actual
Kurdish and Turkish intellectuals in the UK support Jeremy Corbyn
13:18 actual
OHAL ban extended in Van
12:03 actual
İKiköprü Co- Mayor Taş: They are attacking the co-chair system with the trustees
10:54 actual
Fire opened on unlicensed children, amoured vehicle hit them, they were beaten with butt ends
10:12 actual
He has a 60% vision loss and he is not being treated
09:57 actual
TOHAV President Erdem: Victim of torture is forced to testify to his torturer
09:37 actual
Detention operations in 3 districts of Diyarbakır
09:37 actual
Where is the body of journalist Erdemci killed in Serêkaniyê ?
09:36 actual
Murat Kaya buried under military control
09:35 actual
Thousands shouts out from Bakırköy: We want to lead a humanly life
15:01 actual
Journalists: We will continue to write the truth
13:43 actual
UN: At least 7,000 people arrested in Iran in mass protests
13:42 actual
Shots fired to the prostesters in Iraq: 8 dead, 20 wounded
13:32 actual
Enterance ban to Beşiri after trustee appointment
13:12 actual
Kurdish parties: We are here for our people
13:11 actual
Investigation against Zırığ who calls the trustee appointments 'Dictator reflex'
11:49 actual
Trustees appointed to 4 more HDP Municipalities
15:57 actual
Family of Demirtaş injured in car accident on the way to prison
15:52 actual
Turkey appoints district governers to Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî
15:09 actual
Families' application to visit İmralı rejected again