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    İZBAN workers: Strike is a kind of unemployement

    İzban workers have started a stoppage this morning for their demand of salary increase was denied. Demiryol-İş Union İzmir Branch President Hüseyin Ervüz said: "We will not accept the wages between 850 TL- 2 thousand 500TL which our members can barely live from hand to mouth."

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    Presedential Communications Center: 52 workers died during 5 years in the construction of the 3rd Airport

    Republican People's Party (CHP) İstanbul Parliamentarian and Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission member Ali Şeker said his application on the working accidents in the 3rd airport was responded by Presedential Communications Center as: "52 fatal occupational accidents occured in the İstanbul Airport construction between 2013- 2018."


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    'Devran' written by Demirtaş makes its Debut

    “Devran”, the short story book of imprisoned former HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş, has been staged by Jülide Kural and Ömer Şahin in İstanbul. While the audience have watched the play in applause, they have called for “freedom to Demirtaş”.

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    Hasankeyf Festival held after 3 years of silence

    The festival promoted to commemorate Imam Abdullah was held in Hasankeyf for the first time after 3 years of silence. The festival issued a call to safe the historical site.

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    'We are wasting away with them'

    Zine and Sinan Tutal whose son Abdulkadir and 2 other relatives are on hunger strike, said, "we are wasting away witht hem" and demanded the government take action regarding the hunger strikes.