Young people from DEM Party: We can lift the isolation with organized youth

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  • 13:06 25 December 2023
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AMED - Young people attending the DEM Party Youth Council congress condemned the isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and said: "We can lift the isolation with organized youth."
The People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Youth Council  held its 1st Ordinary Congress yesterday in Amed's Rezan (Bağlar) district with the motto "Vejînek Ciwan (Youth Resurrection)". Despite all the blocking attempts of the police, the congress was held with the participation of thousands of young people from different countries such as Turkey and Kurdistan, as well as Germany, Norway and Switzerland. Messages aimed at ensuring the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who was held under severe isolation conditions in İmralı, came to the fore.
Young people attending the congress evaluated the congress and the isolation policy implemented in İmralı.
Ekrem Tunçoğlu, one of the young people who said that he came to Amed from Dîlok, said that he came to the congress to see what will be done in the new period and to participate in the process.
Drawing attention to the isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Tunçoğlu said: "The youth had a great role and mission in breaking the isolation. The decisions to be taken at the congress will be of great importance in this context. Mr. Abdullah Öcalan is an important leader who can be one of the architects of peace not only for the geography we are in, but also in the Middle East geography. To prevent this, they isolate him and do not want him to be contacted. Because they prefer war instead of peace. One of the most important things to lift this isolation is to organize. We can only lift this with organized youth. In this new era's policies, much emphasis will be placed on organization. We can move forward to free leadership with organized youth."
Zeydan Aslan, who said that he came from Rojhilat to attend the congress, stated that the reason for attending the congress was that Öcalan and his native language were under isolation, and drew attention to the common struggle against the isolation policies carried out on İmralı and the Kurdish people. Aslan said: “We are being massacred every day in four parts of Kurdistan. We must stand against this and not allow these dirty policies to be carried out on us. Because today, the isolation is carried out not only in Imrali but also in 4 parts of Kurdistan. If we can ensure our unity against this, there will be no isolation neither on Mr. Abdullah Öcalan nor on our language, culture and history. Against this, each of our institutions should not engage in brotherly betrayal and establish their own unity. Because our land and nature are being plundered and our people are being massacred. If we achieve unity in four parts, the state that sees this will have to take a step back."
Mahmut Açıkkale, who came to the congress from Wan, said: "The Imrali isolation can only be lifted under the leadership of young people. The government aims to intimidate the Kurdish people with its isolation policies. We need to lift these isolation policies. For this purpose, our youth councils should carry out work in every province, district and neighborhood. Today, due to this isolation, thousands of young people in our country had to migrate to other countries. Because we are faced with the imposition of 'You will either be like us or leave this country'. If our young people stand up for their party, leadership and people against this, we will overcome this isolation and oppression."
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