DEM Party Youth Council congress: Our will will lift the isolation

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  • 15:15 24 December 2023
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AMED - At the DEM Party Youth Council congress attended by thousands of young people, anger about the isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan came to the fore. In the speeches, the youth said: “We did not kneel, we did not bow. Our belief and will will lift the isolation and destroy fascism.”
The 1st Ordinary Congress of the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Youth Council with the motto "Vejînek Ciwan (Youth Resurrection)" has started. Thousands of young people attended the congress held at Geterler Wedding Hall in Amed's Rezan (Bağlar) district. Young people attending the congress gave messages for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the democratic solution to the Kurdish issue with the banners and slogans they opened. Young people also drew attention to the hunger strike action in prisons with the slogan "Bijî berxwedana zindanan(Long live the resistance of prisoners)". Additionally, slogans such as "Bi Serok jiyan nabe(There is no life without Leader Abdullah Öcalan) and "Bijî Serok Apo(Long live Leader Apo)" were frequently heard from the hall. In addition to DEM Party CoChair Tuncer Bakırhan and many members of parliament, many names from non-governmental organizations in the city attended the congress.
The congress started with a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and democracy. Afterwards, thousands of people filled the hall and chanted "Martyrs are immortal". One of the council members, DEM Party Mêrdin MP Beritan Güneş, drew attention to the action of the prisoners on hunger strike demanding "freedom for Abdullah Öcalan" and said, "We send greetings to the freedom prisoners and those on hunger strike. We have never bowed our heads before and we will not bow down. We will grow our organization. We will destroy us with a special war. We will give a strong answer to those who want to do this from here and expand the organization."
DEM Party Youth Council member Senem Eriş said: "Hello revolutionary young people, hello young people who want freedom, hello fighting young people. I greet you all with the enthusiasm and excitement of youth. We welcome our comrades who starved their bodies in dungeons and increased their dungeon resistance; our mothers who held the Justice Watch; the young people who resisted on campuses and in the streets. We salute women and men. Greetings to the patriotic youth, greetings to those who resist for a free future, greetings to Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan."
Stating that they held their congress despite all the obstacles, Eriş said: "We are here, despite all the special war policies. We are here, in the fight, despite all the special war policies. While our struggle is going through important and historical processes, what makes this process valuable and important is that it is carried out by the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and has spread to the people of the world. These are the hunger strikes that our comrades went on to lift the isolation that is causing the death of people. The concept of isolation is getting deeper and deeper in İmralı Island Prison today. The fascist AKP-MHP regime is imposing absolute isolation and psychological torture more than ever. This isolation of the leadership is the work of those who are afraid of the power of fire. Because it is known that young people and women are convinced of this idea. We found our will and identity in the paradigm and philosophy of the Kurdish people's leader. This is how we evaluate isolation.
Because Kurdish People's Leader means anti-individualism from start to finish. Being a Kurdish People's Leader means organizing from start to finish. Kurdish People's Leader means a stance in which the special war is helpless. So, I ask my young friends here; Isn't it time to play the pioneering mission that the Leader has assigned to us? Will these young people lift the isolation? Will these young people destroy fascism? We are here, despite the nonsense that the struggle, the paradigm, and the philosophies have come to an end, we did not kneel down, we did not bow down. This congress, this enthusiasm, our belief and will will lift the isolation and destroy fascism. Hevalno(Comrades, this image excited me very much. He made us believe once again and we realized once again that there is no power that can stand against the struggle of the Kurdish people. This congress is a new beginning and a new step of the youth struggle. I greet you all with this spirit and belief.”
Stating that the main role of the youth in the new era is "to lift the isolation",Youth Council member Mehmet Halis Saykan said: "Our energy and dynamism can eliminate all kinds of difficulties. Everything that takes us away from the struggle essentially stems from ourselves. The criterion of being strong is being organized. We need to be involved in the representation of an ambitious identity that knows no boundaries, does what is said to be impossible. This is how we can continue the glorious legacy left to us. It is our duty. 'Win, win, win'."