Agenda of the youth congress will be isolation and special war policies

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  • 11:12 19 December 2023
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AMED - Thousands of young people are expected to attend the congress of the DEM Party Youth Council in Amed on December 24. The main agendas of the congress will be isolation and special war policies.
The People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Youth Council will hold its 1st Ordinary Congress in Amed(Diyarbakır) on December 24. The address of the congress with the motto "Vejînek Ciwan/Young Resurrection" is Geterler Wedding Hall, located in Rezan (Bağlar) district.
At least 7 thousand young people from the Aegean, Marmara, Çukurova, Central Anatolia, Serhat, Botan and Amed regions are expected to participate in the ongoing congress.
Details about the content of the congress have also begun to become clear. Messages from youth organizations from Maxmur, Shengal and Northern and Eastern Syria, as well as from many countries around the world, will be read. DEM Party Co-Chairperson Tuncer Bakırhan will also make a speech at the congress.
The congress will focus on the Imrali isolation, special war policies, local elections and policies aimed at young people. In addition, messages will be given about prostitution, drugs, spying, pressure, threats and detentions.