Police violence during detention

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  • 13:44 10 December 2023
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ISTANBUL - HEDEP Youth Council Co-Speakers Edanur İbrahimoğlu and İbrahim Uzun talked about the violence during detention and stated that they received a report of assault and that they would file a criminal complaint.

In Istanbul, the police attacked the statement made on December 7th as a reaction to the corpses being placed in cardboard boxes. 46 people were beaten and detained. People's Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP) Youth Council Co-Speaker Edanur İbrahimoğlu and İbrahim Uzun, the father of HPG member Yılmaz Uzun, whose bones were delivered in a box, were also beaten and detained. Speaking about the police violence they got through, İbrahimoğlu and Uzun stated that they would file a criminal complaint.
Drawing attention that what happened was not independent of the isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, İbrahimoğlu said: "The isolation policies had spread to the whole society. We wanted to lift the ties of democratic mass movements with society through the attacks. The attacks have become a policy of the state and this government. I do not consider this attack as a personal attack. Because the government has been attacking women and young people for a very long time. For this reason. It is necessary to stand against these attacks."
Stating that they do not accept these attacks on corpses, İbrahimoğlu said: We wanted to make a statement about this. The police surrounded us and beat everyone and took them into custody without even making a statement. They dragged me on the ground and tried to strangle me with the scarf around my neck. Then, they hit my head against the vehicle and kicked my eye. We were handcuffed and taken to the examination room. I received a report of assault. I will file a criminal complaint with the Human Rights Association (IHD) and the prosecutor's office because of the violence I witnessed."
Stating that the government is afraid of organized society, İbrahimoğlu emphasized that they will not bow to the pressure. İbrahimoğlu said: "We will continue to protect our remains. We will continue our struggle until we achieve our goal of creating a free society."
İbrahim Uzun, the father of HPG member Yılmaz Uzun (Tolhildan Tekman), who lost his life with his 5 friends in the air attack in Sêrt in 2020 and whose bones were delivered in a box, stated that he was injured in his leg due to the attack. Stating that he received an assault report, Uzun said: "The police repeatedly hit my head against the vehicle while detaining me. At that time, other police officers were also hitting my leg. My leg was crushed. I received an assault report from Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital and I will file a criminal complaint. In a democratic country. If we are alive, action and demonstration are the most democratic rights. I have only one request from our people; to be united. If we are not united, there will always be these attacks."
MA / Esra Solin Dal