Detained journalist Durgut to be taken to Van

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  • 10:58 18 December 2020
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ŞIRNAK - Our reporter Zeynep Durgut, detained while following news in Cizre will be taken to Van.

Our reporters Zeynep Durgut and Azad Kaya and Jinnews reporters Rojda Aydın and Derya Ren who were detained last night after they were on the way to Cizre from Şırnak, were detained. The police stopped the journalists on the way, pointing their guns at them and detained them. 
Journalists Azad Kaya, Rojda Aydın and Derya Ren were released after a while while our reporter Zeynep Durgut was held under custody within the scope of an investigation against her carried out by Van Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. It was learned that there is  a warrant against our reporter Durgut who is held in Şırnak Provincial Security Directorate regarding the news about Servet Turgut and Osman Şiban who were thrown from a military helicopter in Van. Durgut who is held handcuffed behind the back, is expected to be taken to Van today.
Mesopotamia Agency (MA) reporters Adnan Bilen and Cemil Uğur, Jinnews reporter Şehriban Abi and journalist Nazan Sala who were detained after breaking the story about two villagers, Servet Turgut and Osman Şiban, who were thrown from a military helicopter after being detained during an operation carried out by soldiers in the Çatak district of Van, were detained on October 6 and arrested on October 9 with the accusation of 'making news or interviews of social incidents against the state'. Police raided our Van office twice after the arrests of our reporters and confiscated journalistic materials such as computers, hard drives and cameras.