Trustee comment from Kerem Altıparmak

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  • 11:14 16 November 2019
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NEWS CENTER - Human Rights Lawyer and Academician Kerem Altıparmak reacted with the tweet to the unlawful trustee assignments for HDP municipalities.

The elected mayors of the People's Democratic Party (HDP) the government sought to criminalize are being dismissed one after the other and trustees are being appointed in their places. Lastly, Mardin's Savur, Derik and Mazıdağı Mayors and Urfa's Suruç Mayor was taken into custody and trustees were appointed in their places. The grounds of their detention caused Human's Rights Lawyer and Academician Kerem Altıparmak to react.
Altıparmak showed his reaction via his tweet and said: "You have to submit a conduct sheet in order to be able to run for mayor. In other words, there were no crimes in the registries of the HDP candidates before March 31. Somehow they all turned into crime machines in six months.  This is the scenario the Interior Ministry wants us to believe !!"