TJA campaign: The goal is to organize every woman

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  • 11:13 12 August 2019
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VAN - TJA activist Gülcan Kaçmaz who stated that they will break all bans with the campaign 'Stand up for change and freedom' which will continue until the end of the year, emphasized that their aim is to organize every woman. 

The campaing  Tevgera Jinên Azad’ın (TJA) started with the slogan 'Stand up for change and freedom' continues unabated. Within the scope of the campaign to be conducted until the end of the year, women aim to raise the struggle against the male-dominated system. TJA activist Gülcan Kaçmaz told about their activities against ecological slaughter, women massacre, harassment, rape and abuse and emphasized that it is possible to build a new life.
Kaçmaz says that the masculine mentality works up to the smallest cells and that the masculine mentality cannot be destroyed in a short time, but it is possible to start from a place. Kacmaz said that they will have training activities, panels and educational workshops in small groups. “Women are not objects of nature, they are subjects. Everything done to the women is a crime against life itself. At this point, especially in terms of changing and transforming the man, we can implement training activities. We have a claim to organize every woman. We will be organizing in the neighborhoods. Together we will give the message that we are strong. When we raise this struggle both in terms of quality and quantity, our work have a greater influence. It will be more solution oriented and more visible. We will carry out our efforts to add strength to our own power."