Daughter of Gülünay who was forced into dissappearance 27 years ago: Anything I say would be amiss


İSTANBUL - Deniz Gülünay, daughter of Hasan Gülünay who was taken under custody 27 years ago and never heard from again, said 'The grief of losing you, the minutes and seconds I've missed you can not be explained by words. Anything I say in these 27 years would be amiss."

Saturday mothers gathered in front o Humans' Rights Association (İHD) İstanbul Branch on the 747th week of their sit in where they ask the whereabout of their loved ones forced into dissappearance. The families who'd like to go to Galatasaray Square, was blocked by the police again this week. CHP MP's Sezgin Tanrıkulu and Ali Şeker, CHP İstanbul Provincial Chairperson Canan KAftancıoğlu, Amnesty International Secretariat Turkey Campaign Coordinator Milena Buyum supported the families.
TİHV İstanbul representative Ümit Efe read the letter sent by Gülünay's daughter Deniz Gülünay and said: In the 27th year of his disappearance in custody, I embrace and salute the struggle and the memory of my father and my comrade Hasan Gülünay and once more I say that I claim his struggle. 27 years of unending pain, anger, and our search for justice.. And my father who didn't come back for 27 years..Such pain they make the people in this country go through. I feel a profound pain even describing you..Those who dissappeared you and millions of revolutionaries like you have all of your blood on their hands.We, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children who share the same pain are together again. We feel incomplete, all of us, but we are together."

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