Female prisoners beaten in Elazığ

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  • 16:26 15 May 2020
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URFA - Remziye Karadağ, a prisoner in Elazığ Women's Closed Prison stated that two more women in her ward and she was beaten by 20 guards.

Convict Remziye Karadağ who stays with 2 more women in Elazığ Women's Closed Prison told her father Salih Karadağ that they were attacked by a group of guards in their ward. Karadaü stating that they were attacked by 20 guards on May 12, said that they still have the bruises but the infirmary did not give them a medical report.
Karadağ stated that they were forced back into their ward even though they still had time to spend in the yard, said they were not taken to hospital after the beating and they were not given medical reports.
Father Karadağ explained that her daughter told him that the guards were trained to attack the prisoners and these kinds of attacks may increase in the near future. Father Karadağ said her daughter wanted the Humans' Rights Institution and all related institutions to meet with them and show solidarity.