Sexist video has been removed by the women's reaction

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  • 18:25 3 May 2020
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İZMİR - The promotional video prepared for the event of İzmir Days, containing sexist elements, was removed upon the reaction of women.
The video prepared for the events İzmir Days, which is held on May 3-5 by the Izmir Culture and Arts Department of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was shared via the social media accounts of the institution. The women reacted to the video soon after it was published, protesting that the women in the video were pictured as "cleaning or the kitchen workers". A woman who reacted to the video is Nazan Sakallı, who is a lawyer stated that "Who watches this video would think that the women in İzmir only clean the floors and make sandwiches. There is no such İzmir." Many women reacted to the sexist portrayal of the women in the video and raised a campaign for the video to be removed. As a result of the women's reaction, the sexist video was removed from the municipalities' social media accounts.