The enthusiasm of March 8 started in Van

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  • 13:24 8 March 2020
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VAN- In Van, hundreds of women gathered for the celebration which is the final event of 8 March event sequence. The hall, which was dominated by enthusiasm of women, looks so colorful with halay dances and the event goes on with strong participation of women.

The final celebration of the 8 March International Women's Day event, in which the Free Women Movement (TJA) has been running, has started in Van. With the slogan “We are organizing the resistance, we are walking to freedom”, HDP Women's Council Spokesperson Ayşe Acar Başaran, Van Deputy Muazzez Orhan, TJA activist Gülcihan Şimşek, Democratic Society Congress (DTK) members as well as hundreds of women are attending to the event.
On the other hand the banners used by the women to decorates the celebration hall read as: "Jinen ciwan tirsa faşîzmê pêşenga berxwedanê ne", "The woman who fights is free, the woman who becomes free becomes beautiful, the woman who gets beautiful is loved" and "We are organizing the resistance, we are walking to freedom".
The program will continue with the speeches of HDP deputies.