Women living in the middle of the conflict: We will not leave our city

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  • 10:50 12 October 2019
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MARDİN - Women who continue their daily lives in Nusaybin at the Syria border, reacting to the operation and emphasized that they will not leave their city. 
The sounds of shelling and gunfire did not stop in the border town Nusaybin after the operation launched by Turkey against North and East Syria. Violent clashed continue in the city located across Qamishlo. Citizens who continue their lives amongst all these, insist on not living their town.
Meryem Türk, baking bread is one of them. Türk stating that a mortar projectile fell just near them, stated that they are subjected to all kinds of injustices despite they did not want war. Türk, stating that all they want is peace, said: "We did nothing but want peace for years. Women and children are dying. What did a 10 year old child do to deserve living through the consequences of this war? We are living beneath exploding bombs and bullets for years. We want peace." 
Şükriye Doğan who stated that they are exposed to the sounds of bombs and bullets for 4 days, said: "We don't want war or people dying. Enough is enough. We have lived in curfews for 3 years. We saw tanks and bombs everyday but we didn't leave. We don't want anyone to die. Neither us or them. Mothers don't want death, don't want blood. Our hearts have been breaking for 4 days. They do not have the right to do this to us. What do they want from us? "
Doğan drawing attention to the fact that they do not even consider leaving their homes, said: "We will be here until the last drop of our blood. They want to scare us away and doing their best to achieve it. But we will never be afraid of them. We grow stronger and bolder with every move they make. Those sounds of bombs and bullets makes us stronger. We will neither leave our lands nor the hands of our children. We will not leave our homes. They tried to force us out of our homes in the curfews. We don't want nobody's land. We are not more valuable than our sons and daughters."