İstanbul Governership gives deadline to the unregistered Syrians to leave the city

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  • 17:34 22 July 2019
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ISTANBUL - The Istanbul Governorship has given a deadline until August 20 for Syrians who do not register in the city to leave Istanbul. The governorship announced that Syrians who did not leave Istanbul will be dispatched to the provinces where they are registered.
The Governorship of Istanbul issued a press release entitled 'Fight with irregular migration ”. The governor's office announced that all the Syrians who do not have a registration in Istanbul are to leave until August 20, 2019. Syrians who do not return at the end of the specified period, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Interior will be referred to the provinces where they were registered.
1-There are a total of 1,069,860 registered foreigners, including 522,381 foreign nationals with residence permits and 547,479 Syrian guests within the scope of temporary protection.
2. Within the scope of the fight against irregular migration, irregular migrants entering our country illegally are arrested and deported.
3. Foreigners of Syrian nationality who are not in the scope of temporary protection (unregistered and / or unidentified) are referred to the provinces designated by the Ministry of Interior.
Istanbul is closed to temporary protection registration.
4. Until 20 August 2019, Syrian nationals who are not registered (registered in other provinces) in Istanbul province are allowed to return to the provinces where they are registered.
Those who do not return at the end of the specified period will be referred to the provinces where they are registered in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Interior.
5. Foreigners who have the right to stay legally in our province; In order to prevent any possible grievances, we request that they have their passports and / or Temporary Protection Identity Documents with them in order to show them during the controls and inspections carried out by law enforcement authorities in accordance with the provisions of the Passport Law and Temporary Protection Regulation.
6. 'ROAD PERMISSION CERTIFICATE ’checks will be carried out continuously in our city's bus stations, railway stations, airports and all transportation vehicles.
7. The work of fighting with irregular migration under the coordination of our governorship will continue uninterruptedly in line with the above-mentioned principles. ”