'The struggle ambition of Güven is an example for the laborers'

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  • 11:04 7 February 2019
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'İSTANBUL- Fatma Yıldırım from EKA who stated that the hunger strike of Leyla Güven is an example for the laborers, said: "Her action is a spark that echoes in all four corners of the world."
Support comes from all over the world for the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Co-chair and People's Democratic Party (HDP) Hakkari Deputy Leyla Güven who is on a hunger strike demanding the termination of the aggravated isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan.
Labourer Women (EKA) and Patchwork Women Solidarity have sent a message about Güven's strike.
Fatma Yıldırım from EKA said: "We salut the hunger strike of Leyla Güven who became the voice of the society and the dungeons in this silence. Güven have became an example for the labourers. She shows to the whole society, the exploited, the labourer women that one person can maintain the struggle with determination. Her hunger strike action have became a spark that echoes in the four corners of the world. We, as labourer women, are standing with Leyla Güven and salut her struggle with respect."
Patcwork Women Solidarity said :"We salut the hunger strike of Leyla Güven demanding the termination of isolation, which is a democratic right. We declare that we are in solidarity with her struggle. Being able to hear her voice struggling for peace will help develop the atmosphere of democracy and freedom which we all need."