Mother wants her son's body, police wants the child he knows to be dead

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  • 11:11 11 December 2018
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MARDİN- While the body of Nesim Atabey, who lost his life during the curfew in Nusaybin isn't being delivered to his family, the police systematically raid their home asking 'Where is your son? Did he leave a number?' Ayşete Atabey who wants the body of her son back, says 'This is cruel'.
The people who lost their lives in the curfew declared between March 14 and April 21, 2016 are not being delivered to their families. The homes of these families are frequently being raided by the police. The family of Nesrim Atabey who lost his life on the 18h day of the curfew is one of them. Even though the family gave samples of DNA 2 and a half years ago, body of Atabey is still not identified.
While the efforts of the family for reaching their son's body is ignored,their home in Cizre have been raided by the police numerous times. Police asks the family 'Where is your son, tell us where he is' everytime they come, even though they know he is dead. Mother Atabey who emphasizes that what they do to him is cruel, demands the body of her son be delivered to them as soon as possible.
Atabey said: "While we are searching for our son's body, they keep asking his whereabouts. They are tryannising us. Trashing our home. Keep bothering us.We are looking for him too. We are looking for his dead body." Mother Atabey who is emphasizing that the police keep asking if their son have left a number, said: "What phone number? Does the dead have cell phones? You killed him." Mother Atabey added: "I don't know what their problem is. It is tyranny. If they know where his body is, they don't tell us. They killed him on the 18th day of the curfew.From that day untill now, I have been looking for my son."