Refugee woman who survived the accident: My husband and 2 children are missing

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  • 15:09 18 October 2018
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İZMİR- Iranian refugee Rim Acim who survived the accident in which 22 people lost their lives and 13 people were injured said she did not get any news on her husband and 2 children.

11 people 2 of them being Syrians were taken under custody regarding the accident that occured due to the truck full of refugees rolled over in İzmir, Menderes.
Acim Rim (31) who is still being treated at 9 Eylül Hospital have lost her child due to the accident and can not communicate with anyone because no one speaks Arabic.
The doctors who informs that she has bruises all over her body and broken ribs, says that noone have come to visit. Rim who we were able to speak to through a translater told that her husband and two children are missing.
Acim, talkin to our agency said: " When ı was in the delivery room, people came talking to me everyday. No one came speaking to me since the day I was brought here and I can not communicate. No one speaks my language. That makes me feel restless. I need a translator. I can't get any news from my husband and children. I was with them at the time of the accident.They told me they were alive when I was brought here.I had his Phone number in my pocket but because I was almost miscarry I was brought to the operation room and I lost the paper.No one have reached me yet. I want to know if they are still alive.