Worker Women Assemblies are formed: Lets stand against the bosses

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  • 13:07 1 October 2018
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İSTANBUL- Facing the slump, the assambly of worker women where the issues of the women are going to be discussed have been announced. Worker women Assamblymade a call ; “ Lets stand against the bosses. In the work places, in the factories and offices.
The women’s assambly who made a name in the struggle for gynocides, violence against women, domestic or otherwise, have announced that they have started an initiative for worker women in the face of the economic crisis.
Women’s Assambly called on with the written statement they made: “ This economic crisis is because of the capitalism.The producing women needs to be organised. Places of business are downsizing. Banksa re going bankrupt. The wages are not being paid.People are getting layed off. Bosses keep their incomes by taking from the workers. And women’s labour is the first to be usurped.
“If a women is subjected to mobbing, is forced to work under bad conditions, get layed off we need to be there with them and stand up to the bosses. Women are not alone, in the work places, offices, factories. Lets asamble the Worker women Assemblies ,lets think together, decide together, fight together. Join us and lets change together!”