Government-judiciary partnership increases crimes against women

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  • 11:07 6 March 2024
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ISTANBUL - The "impunity" policy of the government and the judiciary increases crimes against women. OHD Women's Commission member Yasemin Soydan said: "An approach that protects the perpetrator is being taken."
The violence produced in every aspect of life gained another dimension with the AKP coming to power. While the words made by the ruling party, especially President Tayyip Erdoğan, about women encouraged men, they caused anti-woman sentiment in society. One of the areas where these policies are most reflected is the judiciary. Perpetrators were rewarded with impunity through discounts such as "good conduct" and "appreciation" applied in the courts, paving the way for new massacres.
Lawyer Yasemin Soydan, a member of the Women's Commission of the Association of Lawyers for Freedom (OHD), drew attention to the role of the government and the judiciary in the increasing violence and massacres of women.
Stating that the AKP has taken steps against women since the day it came to power, Soydan cited the termination of the Istanbul Convention as an example. 
Soydan stated that the contract protects women's rights against violence and said: “It is a contract that defined and further detailed the violence that women were exposed to at home, thus protecting women's rights and providing remedial practices. There can be no logical explanation for the termination of this contract brought to protect women. This shows us that the articles of the contract are contrary to the mentality of the government." 
Stating that the government's perspective on women is not limited to the termination of the Istanbul Convention, Soydan said: “For example, after the February 6 earthquake, 'missing children' came to the fore. While discussions about what happened to the children continued, the Ministry of Religious Affairs made a statement that, ‘marriage is possible between the adopted child and the adoptee.’ In a statement in 2022, Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ said that, ‘the consent of the minor’ in sexual abuse crimes started a new debate.”
OHD Women's Commission member Yasemin Soydan 
Emphasizing that the discriminatory attitude towards women is not limited to the policies of the government, Soydan drew attention to the role of the judiciary at this point. Stating that the government's misogynist policies are also reflected in judicial decisions, Soydan said: “For example, in the case of a woman's murder, they generally stand at a point where they protect the perpetrator and operate a policy of impunity. Consider that a concept called 'impunity' has emerged in the legal literature. Because there are very few examples where the judiciary is the answer to women's problems. An approach that protects more perpetrators and victimizes the victim even more is being taken."
Reminding that the We Will Stop Femicide Platform (KCDP), which records all kinds of violence against women and exposes the policies of the government, is targeted. Soydan said: "The judiciary does not develop an interpretation within the scope of the violence suffered by women and the freedoms and rights they are deprived of. Although the platform actively follows the murders of women and develops a fight against them, it was sued on the grounds that it is 'immoral and against the law'. The reasons for the lawsuit filed against women reveal the mentality of the government."
Saying that many women's movements are fighting against the misogyny that is wanted to be created in society, Soydan noted that this situation creates discomfort in the government. Emphasizing that movements aiming for women's freedom are therefore being tried to be criminalized by the government, Soydan said: “The women's issue is a deeply engrained problem at every point, from the home sphere to the workplace. Therefore, the idea that we should open every point of life to discussion leads to contradiction in power. The government is giving the message that 'I will make new regulations in every field, I will issue new circulars, but you will accept it, there is no such thing as opening it up for discussion'. Women's platforms and non-governmental organizations prevent this. While the government has an approach that says, 'You should not think about it, you should absolutely accept it.' The struggle of women who exclude this is considered 'dangerous'."
Soydan continued: “As women, we can create the best administration, the best contract, and the best law; this is actually the point that is not understood. The issues that need to be solved for women are limited to the home area. We state that, as women, we have a say in every field. March 8 is a symbol for us in this respect. Therefore, we are all excited. As we celebrate March 8 of all women, I would like to state that the women's struggle will never end.”
MA / İbrahim Irmak