'Paradigm of Ocalan is hope for humanity'

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  • 13:26 5 March 2024
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WAN - Pointing out that Abdullah Ocalan's paradigm is "to keep each other alive", politician Selma Irmak pointed to the system in Northern and Eastern Syria and said: "This system has now become hope for humanity."
The attack on women and their achievements by the "male-state" in Kurdistan and Turkey continues to increase day by day. Although women have determined a new line of struggle against attacks every period, the women's struggle has reached a different phase with the women's libertarian paradigm of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan. The struggle shaped by this paradigm united women around the slogan "Jin, Jîyan, Azadî" and women expanded all their demands for rights and freedom around this slogan. The struggle of Kurd women, who achieved great gains through their resistance, thus set an example and inspired women around the world. We talked with Kurd politician Selma Irmak about the women's libertarian paradigm and its reflections of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan.
Stating that the Kurds have been resisting for their existence for nearly 200 years, Irmak noted that Kurd women have an important place in this resistance. Stating that a policy of "eradicating" the Kurds has been followed for years, Irmak said that within the scope of this policy, women and their struggle, the most fundamental dynamic of life, are targeted.
Pointing out that the Kurds have institutionalized and rebuilt themselves, especially in the last 40 years and Kurd women pioneered this.
Irmak stated that when the Kurdish movement emerged, the Kurds reorganized themselves according to the dynamics of the period, and in this process, women joined both the Kurdish freedom movement and Kurdish political parties in droves, and said: “Women are a dynamic, vibrant force in the Kurdish society. They were never in a structure that could be suppressed or subjugated. This lively dynamic of women met with the freedom movement. Kurd women found a space here where they could express themselves, be respected and realize themselves. With the combination of women's sense of protecting life and living with political consciousness, it organized itself as an incredible force of resistance. That's why the Kurdish freedom movement has actually opened an incredible space for Kurd women. The development of Kurd women has initiated a process of enlightenment in Kurdish society."
Pointing out that Abdullah Ocalan's paving the way for women's organization and women's freedom struggle makes him different from other revolution leaders, Irmak reminded Ocalan's ideas that "women must create the conditions to build themselves rather than rushing to the service of the revolution."
Irmak said: “A concept called jineology is emerging. But Mr. Ocalan said, 'Women must discuss this and put it forward. Kurdish women have power. It should be able to reveal this power." and makes analyzes based on these. Male leaders transform themselves to some extent. However, Mr. Ocalan also underlines the theory of this with concepts such as 'transforming men', 'killing men' or 'eternal divorce', that the transformation of men in this revolutionary process plays a very important role in social transformation and women's struggle.”
Reminding that the transformation of women and men must take place together, Irmak said: "The transformation of women is important, but the transformation of men is much more important. Yes, it is important to fight against men's understanding, but it is more important to base it on a systemic struggle. Because men and women are mixed within this system and become a part of this system together. Therefore, the role of men and women in the system that we will establish or dream of establishing or consider as an alternative is very important. Because society will be shaped according to the way it realizes itself.”
Pointing out that the slogan "Jin, Jîyan, Azadî", which emerged from PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan's women's freedom paradigm and became the symbol of the Kurdish women's movement is adopted all over the world after the murder of Jina Emînî, Irmak said: "This slogan actually touched the lives of all women. Women want to exist in life as women, own life, and be free. These 3 concepts actually cover the entire women's struggle. Maybe it expresses the women's issue entirely. It reveals the entire system of a male-minded power that is unequal, unfair, includes violence, sees the massacre of women and expresses a stance against it. A second dimension is that the Kurdish women's movement criticizes not only the male gender but also the system and it is not limited to criticism but also proposes a system. While Kurdish women fight, they also struggle. While they are struggling with a system, they are also establishing a system. Since construction and destruction go hand in hand, I think it became a light for women and all women turned towards it.” 
Pointing out that if Abdullah Ocalan's women's paradigm can be implemented, the relationship between human-nature, man-woman, individual-society, state-citizen can transform into a different form, Irmak said: "Let's think of a system that establishes relationships not to destroy each other, but to keep each other alive. It will make the world a liveable place worth living. With the realization of this paradigm, this system that emerged in the micro area can actually become a macro system for the whole world. We saw the simplest example of this much more clearly, first in Maxmur and then in Rojava. People see the existence of the state for the society, the 'less state, more society' system in the Rojava example, and they flock to examine this system. This system has now become hope for humanity. If this paradigm comes to life, we have a living example before us. Of course, it would be possible for us to see a truly liveable, moral and political society that is compatible with nature, based on equality between men and women and where the society is not overwhelmed by the greed for profit."
Irmak congratulated all women on March 8, International Women's Day, explained the reason why women want Abdullah Ocalan's physical freedom every March 8 with the following words: "Mr. Ocalan is a person whom a people call 'my will'. His captivity is the captivity of the will of this people in his person. Undoubtedly, the same can be said for Kurd women. As long as this captivity continues, all the values that Mr. Ocalan believes in will be in captivity. That's why Kurd women associate their freedom with Mr. Ocalan and call for this. Women see that the utopia of freedom they see in the person of Mr. Ocalan is in captivity, and they are of the opinion that their own freedom will not be realized without that liberation. Isolation means interruption of women's freedom. This needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. Of course, this will happen with the struggle of women and society."
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