Peace Mothers: The key to the solution for peace is İmralı

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  • 11:17 31 August 2020
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İZMİR- Stating that they want to welcome World Peace Day on September 1 in a peaceful environment, Peace Mothers in İzmir pointed out that the key to the solution is in İmralı Prison.
September 1 World Peace Day is once again welcomed in the shadow of war and conflict in Turkey. While welcoming the World Peace Day, the Peace Mothers Assembly in İzmir reiterated their demand for peace and an end to the war.
Stating that there is war in the region for years, Peace Mother Hediye Korkut who had to migrate to İzmir from Şırnak said that war claimed the lives of thousands.
Stating that the government imposes war on them as they insist on peace, Korkut said: "We haven't forgotten Taybet İnan who bled out on the street. Her body could not been retrived for a week. We haven't forgotten Cemile's mother who kept her daughter's body in freezer because she can not go out to bury her because of snipers on the roofs, firing at everyone who steps out. We will continue to insist on peace in order to make sure these won't happen again. All mothers, especially the Kurdish mothers suffered grately from war in this country. No mother deserves these. Kurdish mothers are as valuable as all mothers and they too deserve to live in peace." 
Stating that the government considers them an enemy, Korkut said: "They may think that we are the enemy but they don't have any other friends then the Kurds. Therefore, we have to keep the struggle going. We have to establish peace in this country. This requires a fair trial of political prisoners in prisons. they must be given the same rights as the ordinary prisoners. The Kurdish issue will not be solved by denial and death. It can only be solved by negotiations. The key to solution and peace is im İmralı. We have to listen to each other. We don't want to see the soldiers, the police or our children dying. We wish the end of the bloodshed. We want peace to be achieved on the World Peace Day."