Woman visiting prison made chose between her husband and son

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  • 10:46 21 August 2020
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VAN - Hayat Özek who went to Van High Security Prison to see her husband and son in contact visit was made to chose between her husband or son.
Violations of rights in Van High Security Prison are frequently brought to the agenda with the reports prepared by human rights, civil society and legal organizations. Journalist Nedim Türfent, who has been held in this prison for more than 4 years, also conveyed the "arbitrary practices" against the prisoners with a letter he wrote. Türfent wrote about an incident in which the father Arafat (68), his son Nihat (27) and his brother Abdülkerim Özek (57), who were in the same ward, experienced in open vision.
The three members of the Özek family who were each sentenced to 6 years 3 months of prison sentence from different cases with the accusation of 'being a member of an illegal organization', were held in the same wards in Hakkari, Muş and Giresun Prisons. The Özek family members who were finally transferred to Van High Security Prison are subjected to arbitrary practices of the guards. The guards made Hayat Özek who came to visit her husband and son to chose between the two of them. The guards who didn't allow her to see both her husband and her son even though it was a conract visit, said it was the prison procedure.