They flew balloons to draw attention to femicides

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  • 14:18 21 June 2020
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DİYARBAKIR - Women FROM TJA and HDP flew balloons to draw attention to femicides and sexual abuse.

Free Women's Movement (TJA) and Peoples' Democratic Party Women's Assembly made a statement to draw attention to sexual abuse and femicides (women killings). In the statement made in front of the HDP Bağlar District Organization, the banner "We have the words to speak up, we have the power to change" was opened with the slogans of "Jin jiyan azadi" ("Woman, Life, Freedom") and "Women killings are political".
HDP Bağlar District Co-chair Fatma Kavmaz drew attention to the serious increase in the femicides in recent days. Kavmaz expressed that they will give up on fighting against sexual abuse and barbaric attacks against women.
Following the statement women released the balloons in their hands to the sky, each balloon representing the women who lost their lives and the women who are imprisoned. The demo ended with applauses and the performing of zılgıt.