Women's Organizations: The campaign of HDP is the demand of us all

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  • 10:50 21 June 2020
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İSTANBUL - Supporting the campaign of “Women's struggle everywhere” of HDP Women's Assembly, women's organizations invited other party women in the Assembly to fight together  with the slogan of "Being a woman is our common identity" against the increased attacks on women and their achievements.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Women's Assembly, which has recently launched the campaign “Women's struggle everywhere” against the increasing attacks on the achievements of women keeps contact with women through the campaign activities carried out through the country.
The delegation, consisting of the Women's Council Spokesperson and Member of Parliament Ayşe Acar Başaran and the Party Assembly member Esengül Demir and Women's Assembly member Ayşe Berktay made a series of visits to women's organizations and feminist individuals between June 16-18. 
During the meetings ideas were exchanged on violence against women, women's achievements being targeted, the purpose of the campaign launched, what to do, how to unite the women's struggle and how to amplify solidarity.
In the meetings, the inefficacies regarding the imprisoned women politicians such as Figen Yüksekdağ, Sebahat Tuncel and Gültan Kışanak were listed as a critique and self-critique has been given regarding the inadequacy of women of HDP as well as the women's movements of Turkey.
Women's organizations and feminists, who are active in Istanbul evaluated the campaign of the HDP Women's Council. Feride Eralp, a feminist activist, stated that the campaign launched by the women of HDP should be on the agenda of all political parties.
Eralp said, "HDP's campaign is important for women to be autonomous, to make their own decisions and to influence party policies. We want the other political parties in the parliament to act accordingly. We want all women in the Assembly to be united and oppose, especially for law on amnesty for child abuse perpetrators that is intended to be presented in the Parliament."
Sevgi Yılmaz, Progressive Women's Assembly member, stated that all the articles brought forward by the women of HDP in the scope of their campaign are the primary and urgent agenda.
Yılmaz said, "Dealing with what is happening in the country is not only a problem for women's organizations, these are social problems. These are the problems of the whole society. Everybody should support the joint fight against the law on amnesty for child abuse perpetrators. If women stand together, no law that we do not want can be passed in the Parliament. Nobody can stand against the organized women's struggle. So no matter what politics we defend or what party we come from, to be woman should be our common identity. As women, we try to be fit into a systematic pattern. Attempts are being made to build a society that does not allow women to be defined outside the family, outside the need of care for children and the elderly at home. For this reason, all women should unite and show a stance together."