Enver Muslim and Ayşe Hiso elected new leaders of the PYD


NEWS CENTER - At the eighth congress of the PYD in Rimelan, Northern Syria, the political program and amendments to the statutes were adopted. Ayşe Hiso and Enver Muslim were elected as co-chairs of the party.

The Democratic Union Party (Partiya Yekîtiya Demokratîk - PYD) held its eighth ordinary congress in the town of Rimelan in the Qamishlo canton. On the second day of the congress, which was closed to the press, the political program was discussed. In addition, amendments to the statutes were adopted. The number of members of the party council was increased from 49 to 90, that of the executive committee from 13 to 20.
Afterwards the new co-chairs of the party were elected; Ayşe Hiso and Enver Muslim.
Ayşe Hiso
Ayşe Hiso was born in 1978 in Afrin, in the district of Sherawa and has been politically active in PYD since the founding of the party  in 2003. With the beginning of the Rojava revolution, she started working in the women's umbrella organization Yekîtiya Star (today: Kongreya Star), and was also active in TEV-DEM (Movement for a Democratic Society). At the last PYD congress in September 2017 she was elected as co-chairwoman.
Enver Muslim
Enver Muslim was born in Kobanê and studied law in Aleppo. Afterwards he worked for a long time as a lawyer in his hometown. At the beginning of the Rojava revolution, Enver Muslim became chairman of the executive council in the canton of Kobanê. He actively participated in the defense of the city against the "ISIS". Most recently he was co-chairman of the Executive Council of the Euphrates region.