Hatimoğulları: Administrations that will carry peace and brotherhood to Syria are needed


ADANA- Stating that Turkey's Syria policy is doomed to failure, while the people pay the price for this, HDP deputy Tülay Hatimoğulları said, "Government has only carried war and violence to the region. There is a need for administrations that will carry peace and brotherhood."

HDP deputy Tülay Hatimoğulları evaluated the crisis, which has deepened by Turkey's coming across both the Syrian regime and Russia, which supports it.
In the wake of the tensions, President and AKP leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said "If any one of our soldiers hurt, we will not adhere to the Sochi Agreement and hit the regime forces everywhere". HDP Deputy Hatimoğulları said that when looked at such discourse of AKP government and MHP, it looks like Turkey declares a war against Syria.
HDP deputy Hatimoğulları made the following evaluations: "Turkey, especially following the political blackmail between Russia and the US policy in Syria tried to snatch concessions from both sides from the beginning. Turkey's Syria policy is chaotic, and doomed to fail. We see that all the steps Turkey had taken exploded in its hand. We are in such a point that the price of this policy will be paid by the people in Turkey and in the region."
Indicating that AKP does not comply with the agreements of Sochi and Astana by building up 12 observation points in Idlib, Hatimoğlulları said, "AKP has been giving support to the gangs since the beginning as opening the field to gangs in the 911-kilometer border with Syria and allowing to use bases in Turkey. They established “Operation rooms” in Antakya. Urfa and Antep have been turned into bases of these gangs. It hosted the train-and-equip project. He expelled forces to fight against the Syrian government and the Rojava Kurds defending their homeland".
Hatimoğulları said, “Airplanes are flying in the skies of Hatay, and military dispatches are made to Syria from Kırıkhan, Hassa, İslâhiye and Kilis lines. In the regional hospital in Hatay, normal patients are not admitted to the beds that are emptied especially in intensive care units. We have already received information that the doctors working in the regional hospitals were sent to Idlib under the mandatory duty. Unfortunately, 83 million people living in Turkey and especially people living in Hatay, are anxious due to the wrong policies of the government regarding Syria, the results o which we have acknowledged continuously."
Underlining that the peoples of Syria should decide for themselves, Hatimoğulları noted that the solution can be achieved only in democratic and peaceful ways both in Syria and throughout the region. Hatimoğulları concluded her evaluations as follows: “A democratic dialogue and negotiation process that will end the civil war in Syria and involve all parties in Syria is the most urgent need. A permanent solution in Syria and the region can be achieved via a peace policy. For this, Turkey should give up its passion on intervening and annexing Syrian territories. Status of Kurdish people, who has been giving a strong fight against ISIS, should be recognized in Turkey and in Rojava. The government of Turkey should be changed. This is not just for the oppressed in Turkey, but also for all the oppressed in Middle East and North Africa. The government has only carried war and violence to the region. There is a need for administrations that will carry peace and brotherhood." 
MA/ Hamdullah Kesen