Temelli: What is happening in this country is Picasso's Guernica

Van – Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Sezai Temelli resembled what is happening in Turkey to Picasso's Guernica and added, "If people are setting themselves on fire saying that my children are hungry, this is a shame for that country. That's exactly what we are supposed to do, to reverse this suffering and this course of events upside down" he said.
HDP Co-Chair Sezai Temelli shared his comments regarding the current portrait in Turkey, where the people setting their bodies on fire due to unemployment, poverty and financial stresses and the course of events in the fields of law, economy and politics.
Stating that the AKP government is the largest disaster Turkey has ever faced, Temelli said that each day AKP rule maintains itself; it causes the deepening poverty and widespread unemployment. Temelli expressed his opinions as follows: "This government has laid dynamites under the ground of this society and all that making this society rises upon. Law, economy, politics... In all the fields you can see this photograph. This is the picture of Turkey. Look at this picture and you will see: there is a war against peoples, society, laborers and women. What is happening in this country is Picasso's Guernica. In this picture, everyone is actually thrown a bomb. Such as  the disaster of avalanche, the earthquake,  the war such as in Efrin, occupation, burning people, for instance in the basements of Cizre, or Gezi. Wherever you look, there is a total attack on all parts of the society. In these attacks, we can actually see the picture of this country."
Temelli, who said that the government actualizes the policies of oppression in order to prevent reactions against this course of events, continued his statement as follows: "To do politics is to be involved and to raise a struggle for rights. Everyone has to defend their right against this government as well as the right of the society and of the city in which they live together. We are supposed to grow the struggle for rights. When you look at the current picture of Turkey, you will see the same violations of rights and cruelty all over. Do you look at the prisons? You will see the same cruelty in prisons. Do you look at the courtrooms? You will see the same cruelty there. What about the schools?  Doors opening to each classroom will lead to same cruelty. You will see this discriminatory mentality in front of you. You will see that you are looking through a mentality, which ignores to recognize the needs of the people.”
“How could this system still maintain itself despite the fact that the people are so tired and have come into a level to set themselves on fire to die?” asked Temelli and continued: "They have sold, privatized and wasted all the resources of this country. They put all the country into depth. How did the society bare all his corruption, plunder, unjust enrichment for 18 years? It is necessary to analyze this. How has this country turned into an open prison by a total isolation? How has all this oppression risen to these levels? There is only one reason. And that is the discriminatory policies and the hostility against Kurds which are explicitly set forth. They continued this policy via the means of  polarization, separation of block and camps, making the society to come across against each other, because this is the only way for the government to re-produce itself again and again for 18 years. This is actually, what he has inherited from the 1990s. As long as the society is kept in the the whirpool of violence and war, they come into a point that they are no longer not able to make politics and the lifespan of the government expands. The only way to break this; is to struggle all together and to democratize all aspects of life. Only with a total struggle of democracy, we can challenge these attacks."
Stating that the AKP sentenced the country to future disasters, Temelli said: “When you look at this geography, you will see that a potential disaster was created by AKP and Erdoğan's mind. It is necessary to evaluate the struggle against them with all its dimensions. Our struggle against this government and its mentality is precisely the struggle to protect people's right to life. In this regard, everyone should be sensitive. You should see that people died because of promised tunnels were not built in 2018.  However, this government, on the other hand, is able to send financial aid to Ukraine. What is going to happen? The money they give is conditional. Therefore, after some time period of Ukraine is going to buy SIHAs (unmanned combat air vehicle) from Turkey that is the factory of the groom of Erdoğan. Who cares about the people in in Van, Şırnak, Ağrı? Who cares about this country? What they care about is nothing but their own good fortune."
MA / Adnan Bilen