Kürkçü: HDP have to find a way to carry the constitution discussions to the people


ISTANBUL - HDP Honorary President Ertuğrul Kürkçü, who states that the existing constitution is a contra constitution, said: “The HDP should seek the way to carry the discussion of the new constitution to the masses of people who are the actual forces of the Democratic Republic struggle."

After the Presidential elections held on June 24, 2018, a new system called 'Presidential Government System' was put into operation. The transition to the new system brought about discussions of regime change. The debate on regime change has been exacerbated as the AKP lost many major provinces in the March 31 local elections. The debates on the an new constitution and the Presidential system came to the top of the country's agenda after the June 23rd Istanbul elections. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Honorary President Ertugrul Kurkcu, evaluated the new constitutional debate. 
Kürkçü who stated "HDP has to turn a deaf ear to the the calls to limit the debates to the Turkish Grand General Assembly and find a way to carry the disccussions to the masses of people who are the actual forces of the Democratic Republic struggle", said: "These are the tasks awaiting the pioneers of the democratic camp to create grounds where people discuss their own future, to open channels to express their demands, to make tens of thousands of associations, thousands of trade unions, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and everywhere a people's assembly. The HDP has the knowledge that the Democratic Republic cannot be won by writing a constitution, but that a ‘new, democratic and libertarian constitution' will lean on the struggles for the Democratic Republic and become embodied as a translation of the demands and thoughts of the people deriving directly from the ground of democracy. With this information, he will continue to work both within and outside Parliament. ”