HDP: HDP: Öcalan's statement coincides with the politics of the HDP no change necessarry in the election strategy


ANKARA - HDP Co-Chairs Pervin Buldan and Sezai Temelli said in a statement regarding the letter of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan: "The statement of Mr. Öcalan and the politics of HDP so far coincide with each other and there is no change in the tactical steps."

HDP Co-Chairpersons Pervin Buldan and Sezai Temelli made a statement regarding the letter by PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan to be conveyed to HDP through his lawyers at the meeting held on June 18 in İmralı Island.
The statement is as follows: "HDP is a party that is the symbol of democratic politics and democratic negotiation.The statements Mr. Öcalan has done about HDP that has a new and unique way of politics is above the political calculations and the election politics of the government.
The HDP aims at the democratic transformation of society through a culture of democratic reconciliation as a whole. Makes efforts for the realization of a democratic alliance and the success of the struggle for democracy and peace. For these reasons, sees Mr. Öcalan's statements in the same context as crucial and valuable to the struggle for democracy and the attainment of peace. We are expecting the power and opposition and all social groups to have this democratic approach to the solution of the problems.
Mr Öcalan, who has been able to express his views and thoughts in very limited conditions in İmralı Island Prison and who is still under isolation. This discourse that uses his words as a tool for their own agenda and political calculations and election polemics, undermines the possibilities of the solution of our social problems on the basis of democratic politics and damages the struggle for democracy and peace.
AA's (Anadolu Agency) irresponsible attitude, working as an agency of power, is a sign of how the moral values ??of the press are trampled for political interests. AA's attitude is a proof of the insecurity and violation of the law in Imrali. The fact that a text under the responsibility of the prosecutor's office and the administration has reached its interlocutors while it has been leaked to AA is proof of 20 years of law and immorality. The democratic public should focus on this arbitrariness. The fact that AKP President and President Erdoğan tried to confront our party and Mr. Öcalan against this unethically leaked text shows how much he has been pragmatist and helpless in politics.
Our strategy also aims to draw all social opposition forces towards finding a solution for all problems in Turkey including the Kurdish problem. In this respect,  Mr. Öcalan's statement and the politics of HDP so far overlap with each other. Mr. Öcalan is insistent on HDP's style of  democratic politics and suggests not to reduce Turkey's politics and its solutions for the social problems to İstanbul elections.
There is no change in the election strategy and the tactical steps for HDP regarding the Istanbul elections, based on not being a party between the two historical blocs and continuing the Third Way strategy decisively and persistently. "