Oluç: Erdoğan is a separationist

ANKARA- HDP Spokesperson Saruhan Oluç who emphasized Erdoğan words where he said 'Be off, and go to Kurdistan' is usually being said in the meetings of Black Sea Region said: " Eroğan is causing communal subversion and trying to pit the people of the Black sea against the Kurdish Citizens."
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) spokesperson Oluç made evaluations on the agenda in HDP Headquarters. Oluç who responded to the words of Erdoğan where he said 'Be off and go to Kurdistan', said: " We are packed, bought are tickets and we are heading to Iraq within a few days with our voters. The only way for the  AKP-MHP government to get  districts in Diyarbakir, Van, Mardin, is for us to go to Iraq with all our voters. We're laughing, but we should be crying. No elector of ours or any one will accept it. This has been engraved on people's memories as well as in history. We cannot accept this attitude of the President who says ”Get out, go away” and we do not bow to it.
Stating that Erdoğan used an alienating and discriminatory language, Oluç said: "He creates hate speech and clearly divides society. If a separatism is to be mentioned, the President divides the society with this discourse. They do not unite, they discriminate. In particular, this rhetoric is used in rallies in the Black Sea. It confronts Black Sea people and Kurdish citizens."