Demirtaş: We knew about the list, we took the chance of jail to prevent the liguidation.

ANKARA- Selahattin Demirtaş who answered our questions from Edirne Type F Prison emphasizing that they knew they will get arrested, said "We took the chance of imprisonment to prevent the liquidation and diffuse. There were no choice, surrender or resistance.
Two years passed since the day of the operation against HDP Co-chairs and parliaments, a night that is called 'October 4 coup' in Turkey's political history. 9 Parliamentarians were arrested out of 12 HDP parliamentarians that was taken under custody.
Demirtaş who was taken under custody in his own home in Diyarbakır, with his own words, got kidnapped. Since that day HDP stands in a very important place in politics even though oppression and arrests never end.
We spoke to Demirtaş via his lawyers. Demirtaş said that they knew they would get arrested and they knew who would get arrested said: " Those in the know was speaking about the upcoming operation.We were supposed  to flee and go abroad and the rest of the administation would diffuse. That was what they aimed. We took the chance of imprisonment and stayed to protect the will of our people in prison if necesarry.There were no choice. Surrender or resistance. And as our people would choose, we chose resistance.