From Bakırhan to the government: If you have the will for a solution, come along

ANKARA - Evaluating the words of AKP's Efkan Ala, "Come, do not be a hindrance. Be supportive", DEM Party Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan said: "You cannot solve the Kurdish issue by being a Kurd in Amed and a grey wolf in Ankara. Do you have the will to solve it? If so, please come. The solution address is Imralı Island."
People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan evaluated the agenda at his party's weekly caucus in the Parliament.
Pointing out that they are the key party in the local elections, Bakırhan said: "Every day on television, in different medias, everyone who opens their mouth talks about the DEM Party, but there is no one from DEM. They speak and comment on our behalf. Again, by trying to question the democratic choices of the DEM Party, they tell us they are trying to adjust and determine a line. They do not know that we have been walking on the paths determined by the people for years and we will continue to walk. Their determination of this line has no importance or meaning for us. Those who see the DEM Party as a 'vote depot' rather than a political party must open their ears thoroughly. Let them listen to us carefully."
Drawing attention to the DEM Party's 3rd Way perspective, Bakırhan stated that they will "paint Turkey with the colors of DEM" in the March 31 local elections. Bakırhan said: "A game is being played in Turkey, in which the government and the opposition are the leading actors. They are trying to make the people forget their real issues. A great effort is being made for this. While the people are struggling to survive in line for stale bread, young people are looking for a future on the migration routes. Retirees go hungry every day. They go to bed thinking about the products they cannot buy and the food they cannot access."
Referring to the discussions that took place after the DEM Party's decision to nominate candidates in many cities, including Istanbul, Bakırhan stated that politics was being tried to be designed. Bakırhan said: "Look, the so-called opposition, essentially partisan writers, who do not say a word against them, are lying around and insulting the DEM Party and the Kurds. The legitimate representatives of the Kurds are being taken hostage, trustees are being appointed to their municipalities and again, no one says a word. They are watching, they continue to watch. We have announced our candidates to the public everywhere, especially in Istanbul. We are sure that they will represent us and our people in Istanbul in the best possible way. We believe in them. Immediately after our Istanbul statement, we witnessed those whose minds were in other people's purses, getting caught in the wringer. They made sleazy comments and attitudes in their corners and on the screens. You Have you heard a single sentence from these commentators about price increases, usurpation of rights, corruption, trustees, illegal voters, and the deadlock in the Kurdish issue? No, we could not. Because their aim, together with the government and the opposition, is to rule the Kurds like a colony in the 21st century.
Unfortunately, we are faced with a supremacist perspective. Those who make these vile comments cannot decide what to do. We make and implement our own decisions. When we make our decisions, we ask our people, we see our people as our subjects, we follow the path they say, the route they determine. We are confident in our own power and competence in the election. It's not anyone's place to question this. It is not anyone's account. The Kurds and the DEM Party are the founding subjects of politics in Turkey. This was like this in the past and it is like this today. Now, the interesting point is that if we nominate a candidate, they say they received instructions from somewhere. If we do not nominate a candidate, they say they received instructions from somewhere. However, they know the truth better than we do. We take instructions from our people, not from glass mansions or contractors.
In the last period, I would like to say a few things to these cyberbullies who sit in front of these keyboards and write; Sit down and look at our 40-year struggle and the point we have reached once again, sincerely and without prejudice. They should not confuse us with the establishment parties. They should not confuse us with themselves, who criticize us in their comfortable rooms behind the keyboard without moving a muscle for this people without paying any price. We are walking with determined men. Every step we take has a price. You also know these costs. The struggle continues in every field, the struggle for honour continues, especially in prisons.
We held our primary elections in Kurdistan and announced our candidates. We continue to announce our candidates in the West. Our work in the places where we will nominate the remaining candidates will reach its final stage today or tomorrow. We announced our Istanbul Co-Chair candidates. Dear Meral Danış Beştaş and Murat Çepni, our friends. The heart of Turkey beats in Istanbul. We know this very well. Both of our friends were not just nominated as candidates in Istanbul.
We are calling out to the people of Turkey; We say, let's bring local governments together with DEM. Let's give the job to the experts and liberate the cities. Let's make socialist municipalism concepts dominant. Let's save our cities and nature from the hands of these profiteers.
We are ready to save Ankara from the race between racists. We are ready to save Antalya from nature plunder. From here, we would like to call out to each of our friends in Istanbul and all other cities, please let's fight by going from house to house, street by street, family by family, with the awareness of the weight of the work we do and how valuable our work is.
And you saw these two paintings, he was shamelessly saying the other day in Amed, 'Open your path, let's solve your issues (Efkan Ala)'. Maybe you remember who said it. This policy of yours does not produce a solution. We say that this policy produces conflict and war. We ask: Do you have the will to find a solution? If there is, welcome. Did we get in the way? Who did we hinder in Diyarbakır? Here you go, until today, the government has taken any step towards solving the Kurdish issue and the freedom issue, which we oppose. There they are Kurds, here they come and become Wolf. Here they come and become defenders of MHP politics.
If you want a solution, let us tell you the address of the solution; They have some issues with the address. Now, in your presence, in the presence of the people of Turkey, let us present the solution address to those who want to solve this issue. Come on then. The solution address is Imralı Island, located just beyond the mouth of the Susurluk Stream in Karacabey, Bursa. Could there be a clearer solution address than this? Is it ok? They did not understand until now, today we have stated the solution address in millimeters. Let's see if they really solve this issue in this country or if they have the will to solve it. Let's see it together.
If they have the will to find a democratic solution to the Kurdish issue, they should come out and explain it, right? We are on the eve of an election. What do they think about their native language, what do they think about political prisoners, trustees? What do they think about the operations carried out every day against the poor people in the South, in Rojava? Let them say it. Let's understand too. Whether they really have the will to figure it out. If they have the will to find a solution, we promise in your presence; If they have even the slightest bit of will for a solution, we are ready to support it. But if not, we will resist.
When it comes to solving the Kurdish issue, we will talk with everyone. What is important for us is the democratic solution to the Kurdish issue. The Kurdish issue is more important than elections. I am not saying that the municipalities to be elected are unimportant, but they are much more important than municipalities and authorities. We would like to state that we support, not hinder, the will that wants to solve the Kurdish issue. Please, no one should perceive our candidate statement as if we are bargaining. This is an insult to the prices paid for the 40-year struggle and to the honorable and consistent policy we have pursued. We do not accept this. We are doing value politics.
You are all watching the Great Freedom March, which set off on February 1, traveled from city to city, district to district, town to town, and organized freedom. I invite you all to listen and support that march. This walk is a very important walk. This walk will make a great contribution to the solution of the issue whose clear address I have just given. I call on everyone to watch this march carefully and to follow the demands expressed in the freedom march carefully. We were in Mersin just yesterday. We visited the justice watch there, they said very important things. Young people should not die in this country, and funerals should not go to unplastered houses. Turkish, Kurdish and Arab peoples are one. Those mothers of peace were cursing those who caused discord in this unity and wanted the Kurdish issue to be resolved through dialogue, negotiation and peace. We invite both the opposition and the government to listen to the voices of the mothers on Peace Watch.
Not only to them, but also to our friends who have been on hunger strike in prisons for 79 days today, our lives are on hunger strike. They point to the address I just gave and say that this issue should be solved now.
February 15 is the 25th anniversary of the international conspiracy against Mr. Ocalan. It is necessary to look for the issue that has been going on for a quarter of a century and the main reasons for the lack of solution in this conspiracy. Mr. Ocalan has been in isolation for 25 years. What happened? Has this issue been resolved? Have the Kurds given up their cause and rights, the Alevis their equal citizenship rights? No. This means that this 25-year-old international conspiracy has not gained anything for Turkey. On the contrary, they wasted all of Turkey's energy and economy within the framework of this international conspiracy. Therefore, we condemn this conspiracy. The Kurdish issue left unresolved is also a shattered Turkey.
Unless the Kurdish issue is unresolved, Turkey will continue to remain on the edge of the cliff. As long as the Kurdish issue is not solved, retirees will go to bed hungry. As long as the Kurdish issue continues, those who try to rule this country with this racist veil of homeland survival will continue to commit more injustice, lawlessness and corruption. Therefore, solving this issue is for the benefit of all of us. It is a very important opportunity for 86 million people to live in brotherhood and peace. On the occasion of the February 15 conspiracy, we once again call on everyone to find a solution, peace, freedom and to meet and discuss this goal.
We will crown the Great Freedom March, which we started as the true representatives of the people, with the March 31 victory. We will fight hard against the most fundamental issues of this country, we will organize hard, we will resist and we will win."