Bakırhan: We have to find stronger ways and methods

ANKARA - Speaking at the SYKP congress, DEM Party Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan said: "We have an obligation to find stronger alliances, stronger ways and methods of struggle in the coming period."
People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Co-Chairs Tülay Hatimoğulları and Tuncer Bakırhan attended the 5th Ordinary Congress of the Socialist Reestablishment Party (SYKP). Speaking at the congress, Bakırhan said that the rulers are trying to rule the world through wars and conflicts to further exploit and become rich.
Pointing out that similar policies are wanted to be implemented in Northern and Eastern Syria, Bakırhan said: "With the struggle of the people of Rojava, with the slogan 'Jin, Jîyan, Azadî', they set an example for the world women's struggle, the struggle for revolution, and the struggle of oppressed peoples. How valuable and sacred their struggle is. The world is full of wars and conflicts. There is serious chaos in the world and the ways and methods of getting out of this chaos are being researched. Revolutionaries, Kurds and socialists are discussing how to get out of this chaos and struggling for it."
Pointing out that Turkey's attacks on the Kurds are not independent of what is happening in the Middle East, Bakırhan stated that Turkey has lost its playmaker role because it did not solve the Kurdish issue. Bakırhan said: "A serious right-wing populism disease is developing in Turkey. We, the revolutionaries, are struggling to end the injustices in the world and the conflicts in the Middle East. On the other hand, we continue our struggle with great devotion to end this racist, nationalist wave developing in Turkey.”
Bakırhan continued as follows: "Either we will give up in the face of the policies of this right-wing, racist, nationalist system that impoverishes us or we will engage in a stronger struggle with the workers, the poor, the revolutionaries, the oppressed, the marginalized, with our Third Way policy. From the Mahirs, from the Denizs, from the Mazlums. We are the owners of a tradition and a history of struggle that has not given up until today. Be assured that if we sit back, we may be faced with a Turkey that cannot be lived in and a region that cannot be lived in. Therefore, we have an obligation to find stronger alliances, stronger unity, and stronger ways and methods of struggle in the coming period. The way to achieve this is to meet with more laborers, more Kurds, more workers, women, ecologists, feminists. Either we will organize the struggle together with the unemployed and laborers in the factories and on the streets, or we will become increasingly weaker in the face of these fascistic policies and fully institutionalize fascism in Turkey. We will all watch it together. Turkey's left socialist forces, Kurds, workers and oppressed people will prevent and stop this fascism today, just like yesterday.
I would like to state that we will meet the local elections together with the great majority that is oppressed and ignored. Finally; We determined our candidates using democratic methods that are unprecedented in the world. Apart from these understandings that choose candidates without recognizing the will of the local people, we implemented a referendum in Turkey and Kurdistan, where the people decide and choose their own ruler. We said that from now on, the people will decide our candidates, and the people decided. We declared the candidates chosen by the people as the candidates of the DEM Party."