Sarısaç reminds AKP of dictator Ceauşescu

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  • 12:09 19 September 2019
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VAN - HDP Van MP Murat Sarisac, who spoke at the Democracy Watch against the VAN-trustee appointments, said: "What AKP is doing today feels so much like Romania Dictator Nikolai Ceauşesku that forced 80 thousand people to attend his public meeting to prove his power and then overthrown by them."

The Democracy Vigil organized by the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in Van against the appointment of trustees, has reached day 32.
Councillors, MPs, Peace Mothers, HDP members, TJA members and many people attended the Vigil in front of the HDP İpekyolu District Organization building.
HDP deputy Murat Sarısaç reminded the end of dictators toppled in the world because of the people resistance and added that there is nothing left for the AKP other than war and massacre.
Sarısaç added that the AKP has lost its consent and is trying to extend its life by force.
“We know that if the AKP had been sincere, - said Sarısaç - 34 people in Roboski would not have been killed. Today, there are over 250 children who are in prison with their mothers. There are 7,000 inmates in total. These kids wouldn't be in prison if the government really thought about their mothers. If they had been sincere, violence against women would not have increased that much."
"The AKP, - said Sarısaç - willingly or unwillingly, has shown to all our people that the solution is HDP, which is its only project of peace, freedom and democracy."