7 HDP members of council dismissed in Muş

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  • 16:19 9 September 2019
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MUŞ - The Ministry of Interior dismissed 7 out of 14 members of the HDP's Muş General Assembly.

On the instructions of the Ministry of Interior, 7 members of the Muş Provincial Assembly, the majority of which were in the People's Democratic Party (HDP), were suspended. Kader Erol, Filiz Aydin, Ceyhan Aydemir, Suat Kalin, Mehmet Sakir Tugrul, Musa Kaya and Mehmet Demir were dismissed from their duties. HDP Provincial Assembly consisted of 14 HDP members, 8 AKP members and 1 MHP member.
No justification was provided for the dismissals.
Protesting the decision, HDP Muş MP Şevin Coşkun said; “The AKP-MHP alliance which was defeated in the Istanbul elections of March 31 and June 23, has started to attack our party. Trustees have been appointed to three of our municipalities. Our people are expressing their reactions against this political coup everywhere they are.”
Coşkun continued; “This is a continuation of the political coup. Our members of the provincial council who were elected with the votes of our people have been unlawfully removed from office. We will continue to fight against this seizure of will to the end.”