Cizre Chief Prosecutor's Office could not deny that the medical staff were arrested for treatment!

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  • 14:28 8 August 2019
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ŞIRNAK - The Chief Public Prosecutor of Cizre, who made a statement regarding the arrest of four health workers for treating a 10-year-old child during the curfew, defended the news was unfounded but the statement said the treatment was done in a place where organization members used extensively.

Doctor Nesim S, nurses Şahin E, Abdullah K and Ahmet T, who was taken under custody with a police raid to their homes and was kept under custody for 3 days before getting arrested for 'being a member of an illegal organization.' The health care workers was accused of treating a 10 year old child during the curfew in Cizre in 2015.
The Cizre Chief Public Prosecutor's Office said that the news of the four health care workers in Cizre were arrested for treating a ten-year-old child did not reflect the truth and the reports were unfounded. In their statement, the treatment made by health care workers "where the members of the organization was found to be used extensively" was said.