Peshmerga being killed in Turkish attack

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  • 13:48 19 April 2024
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NEWS CENTER - A peshmerga being killed in Turkey's air strike on Biradost.

Turkey's air strikes against the Federated Kurdistan Region continue. It was stated that Serwer Qadir lost his life in the air attack on the Biradost region yesterday.
According to the news of Rojnews; Turkish warplanes bombed the village of Nawdarok, located on the Biradost border, last night. It was determined that Serwer Haci Qadir, who was not heard from after the bombardment, lost his life as a result of the attack. Qadir's body was found by the villagers in the morning.
Some news agencies in the Federated Kurdistan Region noted that the person who lost his life was a peshmerga. Speaking to Rudaw, Sidekan Town Manager Ihsan Celebi said that Peshmerga Qadir is 34 years old and the father of 3 children.
On April 14, a young man lost his life in Turkey's attack on Silemêmaniyê rural area. 10 people have been killed as a result of bombings since the beginning of the year.