Justice Watch: Our struggle will continue

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  • 12:24 19 April 2024
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WAN - Aslıhan Timur and Ayşe Alıcı, who took part in the 124-day Justice Watch in Wan, emphasized that their struggle will continue until the isolation of prisoners, especially PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, abolished.

The Justice Watch, which was initiated under the leadership of relatives of prisoners in Amed, Wan, Mêrdîn, Adana, Mersin, Istanbul and Izmir for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the solution of the Kurdish issue, moved to a new stage on April 14. How the action will continue in the new period will become clear in the coming days. The families, who continued their Watch in Wan at the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) provincial building for 124 days, spoke about their actions.
Aslıhan Timur, the mother of Botan Timur, who has been imprisoned in Van F-Type Prison for 10 years, stated that she had previously participated in the Justice Watch action and emphasized her determination to fight against the oppression in the prison. Reminding that there has been no news from PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan for 37 months, Timur said: “Prisoners went on a hunger strike to get news about Mr. Ocalan, and this action has now evolved to another dimension in prisons. Our children do not attend courts, phone calls or family meetings. We, our children outside and inside, will continue our struggle until we receive news from Mr. Ocalan. We will not stop the actions until we receive news. We just want justice. Our demand is the demand of all families.”
Saying that the oppression they experienced is due to being Kurd, Timur continued: “I have not spoken a word of Turkish since my childhood and I do not know it. I speak Kurdish wherever I go. Our children are in prisons, we are outside, fighting for our language, justice and freedom. We know that our children will not be free until Mr. Ocalan is free. If we hear from Mr. Ocalan, peace and tranquility will come. We will continue our struggle until the end. I have no regrets and we hold our heads high. I am calling out to everyone; Let's protect the prisoners.”
Ayşe Alici, the mother of Tarık Alici, who has been imprisoned in Balıkesir L-Type Prison for 8 years, said that she has not been able to see her child for two years. Alici said: “My child was on hunger strike and now the strike has evolved to a new stage. In this stage, I will not be able to see my son for a long time. As families, we say 'enough is enough'. Our demand is justice, unity and brotherhood. We do not want bloodshed and we want this isolation of our prisoners to end."