'I am a respectable person' defense from soldier who arrested for sexual assault

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  • 13:26 18 April 2024
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SIRNEX - The specialist sergeant, who was arrested on charges of sexual assault against 2 women in Sirnex (Sırnak), claimed that he wanted to "help" women and defended himself as "I am a respected person in my profession".

Specialist Sergeant Zekeriya Celik, who sexually assaulted two women walking on the road in Şirnex center on April 12, was arrested on the charge of "sexual assault" by the court where he appeared yesterday after being suspended. Celik's statements at the Sırnak Criminal Court of Peace were accessed. Celik was connected via the Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS) at the court.
Çelik claimed that he entered the building to "help" the women he harassed and that he is a "victim" in the incident. Celik claimed that he had an argument with his wife on the day of the incident and went outside to get fresh air. While walking from the brigade towards the market, one of the women entered an apartment building and then he heard a "help" voice coming from the building.
Celik claimed that he entered the apartment building upon hearing the sound, and then the women started shouting, and he said, "I am a soldier, calm down, I came to help." Noting that he started walking after a person entering the building said something in Kurdish, Celik started running towards the street where the police station was located. He said that he was beaten by the people who surrounded him.
Claiming that he did not sexually harass women, Celik defended himself with the following words: "I have been in public service for 15 years. I am 190 cm tall and 90 kg. If I tried to harm someone, I could cause damage to the extent of injuring them. I did not touch or push anyone in that environment, in that adrenaline."
Celik admitted that he was drunk on the day of the incident and continued: "I absolutely do not accept the accusations made against me. I am a respected and loved person in my profession. Since I was successful in the promotion exam, I was going to take this exam a week later. It is out of the question for me to do such a thing. I have a family, I was publicly lynched because of this incident."
Celik also stated that he was "slandered" and that he complained about those who "slandered" him.
MA / Zeynep Durgut