Application to meet to Abdullah Ocalan from lawyers

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  • 13:02 18 April 2024
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ISTANBUL – The lawyers of Asrın Law Firm applied to Bursa Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and İmralı Prison Directorate to meet with their client Abdullah Ocalan, whom they had not heard from for 37 months.

The lawyers of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is held under absolute isolation conditions in İmralı Type F High Security Prison and has not been heard from for 37 months, made a new application to the Bursa Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and İmralı Penitentiary Institution Directorate, demanding a meeting with their client. The applications were made by Asrın Law Firm lawyers Ibrahim Bilmez, Suzan Akipa, Emran Emekçi and Cengiz Yürekli.
The lawyers also applied for their other clients in Imralı, Omer Hayri Konar, Hamili Yıldırım and Veysi Aktaş.
Applications for family and lawyer visits for Abdullah Ocalan and the other three people held in Imralı are blocked, citing "disciplinary penalties". Between 2021 and 2023, Abdullah Ocalan and other prisoners were given at least 5 disciplinary penalties of 3 months for each, and their right to visit their families was taken away. The reasons for the disciplinary punishments and file numbers were not shared with the lawyers despite all applications and objections.
As a result of the applications made by the lawyers of Asrın Law Firm to the Bursa Execution Judgeship, it was revealed that disciplinary punishments of 3 months were given on 18 August 2021, 3 months on 3 February 2022, 3 months on 31 May 2022, and 3 months on 9 September 2022.
Responding to the application made by the lawyers on July 10, 2023, on July 19, the Judgeship announced that there was a 3-month disciplinary penalty, without specifying the date on which it was given. The last application of the lawyers was on October 10, 2023. Responding to the application made to the Bursa Execution Judgeship demanding family visits on October 13, the Judgeship stated that there was a new disciplinary punishment given against Abdullah Ocalan and other prisoners. The judge's office cited "its reflection in the press" as the reason for not sharing the file number subject to disciplinary punishment.