'Let's be a partner the resistance of the prisoners'

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  • 12:44 18 April 2024
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ÊLIH - Mothers for Peace made a call to "Let's be a partner in this resistance" regarding the action of the prisoners who continue their actions to demand the end of the isolation against PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and to ensure their physical freedom.
Political prisoners, who started a hunger strike on November 27, 2023 for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the solution of the Kurdish issue, announced that they have taken their actions to a new stage as of April 4. The prisoners boycotted the courts and decided not to have phone calls or family meetings. Members of the Êlih (Batman) Mothers for Peace Assembly stated that the action of the prisoners should be embraced.
Herdem Koçer, one of the mothers, stated that the prisoners in prison resisted the policies of the government and said: “Prisoners are resisting for this people. These people should hear their voices and be in a movement equal to their struggle."
Warning that coffins may appear in prisons if the public does not join the resistance, Koçer said: “This ongoing inhumane practice against Mr. Abdullah Ocalan is unacceptable. We will continue our struggle until Abdullah Ocalan's physical freedom is achieved."
Mother for Peace Hori Acar drew attention to the absolute isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and said: “There has been no news from him for a long time. Despite all the applications, CPT did not visit Imrali. The isolation on Mr. Ocalan is the isolation on the Kurds. Let's unite and ensure Ocalan's freedom. Let's be partners in the resistance in prisons. Let's resist in every aspect of life.”
Sadiye Yardım stated that they ended the Justice Watch action, but they will resist in all areas of life. Calling to give voice to the ongoing resistance in prisons, Yardım said: “The state of lawlessness continues in Imrali. There has been no news from Imrali for a long time. Let's be united and fight to ensure Mr. Ocalan's freedom. CPT and the European states that call themselves the cradle of democracy are responsible for the isolation. The world remains silent about this lawlessness. However, we Kurds will not remain silent and will resist this unlawfulness. Those who are in the sleep of death should wake up and join the resistance that continues in many places, especially in prisons."
Menice Acar also underlined that the Kurds should show the spirit of resistance they showed during the election process for the prisoners as well.
Sultan Azboy stated that Imrali Island is an "island of lawlessness" and called for the absolute isolation to be broken. Azboy continued: “The ongoing persecution of Mr. Ocalan is the oppression of 50 million Kurds. It is unconscionable to remain silent about the ongoing lawlessness in Imrali. There is lawlessness, death and violence in prisons. This is portrayed as a normal thing. Everyone should empathize and act accordingly. Let's join hands and resist. Let's continue the spirit that emerged in the Wan resistance and ensure the freedom of Mr. Ocalan."
MA/ Fethi Balaman