Journalist Oynas: Resistance against oppression in prison has increased

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  • 12:00 18 April 2024
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ISTANBUL - Dilan Oynas, an Azadiya Welat employee, was released from prison after 8 years and said the resistance of the prisoners has increased against the deepening isolation and increasing pressures.

Dilan Oynas, an employee of Azadîya Welat, who was detained and arrested in the Silopiya (Silopi) district of Şirnex (Şırnak) in June 2016 and was closed by the Decree Law, was released from Sincan Prison on April 13. Oynas was arrested on the allegation of "being a member of a terrorist organization". Oynas, was imprisonment  for approximately 8 years, was prevented from being released 5 times for various reasons. Speaking about the prison process, Oynas noted that human rights violations continue to increase.
Listing the rights violations that took place, Oynas said: “From greeting, to performing halay, to participating in Newroz celebrations were all grounds for disciplinary punishments. Our Kurdish identity was never recognized anyway. Many of our friends are not left in prisons. The reason is because we are Kurds. It's because we don't accept the regret they impose."
Stating that there is a resistance in prisons and that this resistance has been continuing for 40 years, Oynas said: “Just as a great resistance was given in the 1980s, we continued that blessed resistance with more enthusiasm today. We have friends who have been captive for more than 30 years. However, I would like to point out that it has never fallen behind in the Kurdish resistance.”
Stating that she was an employee of Azadîya Welat when she was imprisoned, Oynas said: “There was self-government resistance in Silopiya. I was arrested in June 2016. Their reason was that I took photos of the people and announced their experiences. There they wanted to silence the voice of the Free Press. In the dungeon, I was attacked by the guards and subjected to a strip search. They were telling me, 'You will see the power of the Turks.' There was fascism inside, but as much as there was fascism, there was also resistance against it. Our resistance has grown a lot despite all this.”
Stating that they reversed the bad conditions in the prison, Oynas said: “We created a libertarian, sharing and egalitarian consciousness for women in the prison. In fact, Mazlum Dogans had built this. They turned the darkness there into light. Our friends bequeathed us the light against the darkness in the dungeon. We did not bow our necks to them, that is, to the enemy, so this should be a problem for them.”
Referring to the hunger strike to break the isolation in the dungeons and then the boycott of family visits and phone calls in the new phase, Oynas said: " Leader of the Kurds Mr. Abdullah Ocalan is the will of all peoples, the will of freedom of the Kurds. It has been facing barbaric torture in Imrali for 25 years. We don't get any information from him. That's why we're so curious. The views of their lawyers and families are blocked. A new step has been taken in this process. This step started with a rotating hunger strike in the dungeons. All friends participated in this with great morale. Then the new phase was started. We think that the isolation should not only be broken but also eliminated. We want Mr. Ocalan's physical freedom to be ensured. Also, there is isolation everywhere, not just in dungeons.”
MA / Omer Ibrahimoglu