‘Their demands are our demands’

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  • 15:58 16 April 2024
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AGIRÎ - Necla Alkan, mother of Cihan Alkan, one of the prisoners who protested for the freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, said: "The prisoners' demand is our demand. We are curious about the situation of Mr. Ocalan."
Political prisoners, who started a hunger strike on November 27, 2023 for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the solution of the Kurdish issue, announced that they took their actions to a new stage as of April 4. The prisoners boycott the courts and decided not to have phone calls or family meetings. Necla Alkan, mother of Cihan Alkan, who is held in Eskişehir Type H Closed Prison, said that the demands of the prisoners are their own.
Stating that her son has many chronic diseases, mother Alkan said: "My son has been in prison for 20 years. My son had angiography and groin surgery. He also has a herniated disc, a stomach disease and a skin disease. My son has not been taken to the hospital for the last year. All the applications we have made remains inconclusive. We do not accept this situation. Turkish state thinks that the prisoners are alone, but they are not; there are families, friends and a people behind the prisoners."
Mother Alkan pointed out the ongoing actions of the prisoners and stated that PKK Leader Ocalan must provide information about his situation. Alkan said: "Turkish state is trying to make the Leader of a people forget by isolating him. They will never be able to do this. We demand what our prisoners demand. We want the paths of negotiation to be opened and the Kurdish issue to be resolved in a democratic way. The Kurds no longer want war and chaos. As the families of prisoners, we are curious about situation of Mr. Ocalan. We will try to express these demands until the demands of the prisoners are met."