Hunger strike against isolation carried to the cities of Kurdistan

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  • 13:53 26 January 2023
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ISTANBUL – ESP and SGDF launched hunger strikes in many cities against the isolation in Imrali and violations of rights in prisons. Züleyha Müldür from ESP wanted everyone to raise their voice against the isolation.
The Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP) and the Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF) continue their hunger strike against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan against the aggravated isolation and violations of rights in prisons. After Izmir and Istanbul, the demonstration was moved to Adana. It has been learned that the activists, who are both on hunger strike and visiting different non-governmental organizations regarding their demands, will carry their protests to the cities of Kurdistan in the coming days. Züleyha Müldür, a member of the ESP Istanbul Provincial Organization, who went on a hunger strike, spoke about her demonstration.
Noting that they received positive reactions to the strike, Züleyha Müldür said: "We had a discussion on 'what can we do to break the isolation' with representatives of institutions and organizations we met during the protest. During the strike, we toured the institutions and conveyed our purpose of demonstration and what we will do to them. They were also affected by it because normally hunger strikes are held in a certain place, at a certain time. Institutions also come and visit and give messages of solidarity, but here we both went on a hunger strike and visited institutions and expressed our goals. We wanted to convey this responsibility to institutions, intellectuals, journalists and the families of the prisoners, and that they also have the right to have a word and demonstration on this issue."
Noting that no news has been heard from PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan for more than 22 months, Müldür said: "The public should be informed about this. Öcalan is not allowed to see anyone, including his lawyers. He needs to know the situation of his family, lawyers and the public. This needs to be disclosed or to be contacted with someone because there are millions of people wondering about him. Something must be presented to the public. It is in question to be used as a means of threat against all prisoners, to intimidate and to ban political views. The isolation process started with Abdullah Öcalan. There was a serious operational situation with him. They are trying to apply the same pressure and isolation to all political prisoners and to intimidate them. We want to break this isolation and destroy that plan as well."