Morality police activity suspended in Iran

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  • 14:25 4 December 2022
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NEWS CENTER - It has been stated that the duties of "morality police" have been suspended in Iran.

According to Rojnews based on Iran's official news agency IRNA, the duties and activities of the "morality police", which came to the fore with the murder of Jîna Eminî, have been suspended.  Iran's Chief Prosecutor Mohammed Jahfer Muntezri answered the question about "why the duty of the Moral Police was suspended" at a ceremony he attended. “The Moral Police has nothing to do with the judiciary,” Muntezri said. It was established in the same place and it was decided to suspend by the same authority who gave it authority.”
In the special meeting held on December 1, regarding the protests in Iran and Rojhilat, Muntezri said, "The Assembly and the Islamic Revolution High Council are discussing the headscarf issue. The result is expected to be announced in the next 15 days."