2 fighters lost their lives in the attack in Qamishlo

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  • 15:35 11 August 2022
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NEWS CENTER - SDF announced that 2 fighters lost their lives in the air attack of the Turkish army on the rural area of Qamishlo.
In the statement made by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Center, it was stated that two fighters, Dijwar Kobanê and Bawer Ridwan (Çiya Qamişlo), lost their lives in the attack carried out by the Turkish army against the rural area of Qamishlo yesterday.
SDF Press Liaison Center Officer Ferhad Shami made a statement on his twitter account regarding the increasing attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria. “Our forces carried out special actions against the invading Turkish state to avenge the civilian and military martyrs within the scope of self-defense. SDF Press Liaison Center will release images regarding the details of the actions in the coming hours.”