Çarşema Sor celebration in Wêranşar

RIHA - Çarşema Sor Feast will be celebrated in Birç rural neighborhood of Wêranşar district. Yaşar Burç, one of the residents of the neighborhood, called all Yazidis to the celebrations.
There is only a short time left until the Çarşema Sor (Çarşema Serê Nîsanê) Festival, which represents rebirth, the harbinger of good days, the beginning of spring or absolute goodness for the Yazidis. Çarşema Sor, also known as the "New Year of the Yazidis", is celebrated every year on the first Wednesday after the 13th of April. This is based on the belief that "Melekê Tawus (Peacock Angel) descended to the earth on the first Wednesday following April and completed the creation of the universe, which lasted 7 days.
Çarşema Sor Festival has many rituals. In Shengal, where Yazidis live densely, celebrations start the day before. Citizens come together at the Laleş Temple, a sacred place surrounded by mountains, and hold a ceremony with the participation of religious people.
Citizens pray and kiss the Enzel Bridge, believing that they are purified from sins here. They also kiss the spiritual leader's hand and prays at the Nurani Lodge, where the graves of many Yazidi sheikhs, especially Sheikh Adi, are located.
Yazidis make a wish by tying and untying three knots with fabric on the columns inside the temple, which they enter barefoot. They then light 365 candles in the same temple. 365 candles represent the days of the year.
On the day of the festival, herbs called "kari", roses and red peonies are collected. Women dye eggs in different colors and distribute them to poor families, with bread called "kulere". Some farmers sprinkle the shells of the eggs they eat on the soil to ensure a fruitful year.
Yazidis offer sweets, nuts and colored eggs to their guests. Cemeteries are also visited during the holiday. Families who raise livestock do not milk their animals that day, but distribute the yoghurt they made the day before to their neighbors.
Yazidis are preparing to celebrate Çarşema Sor in many centers this year. The center of celebration for the Yazidis, who have resisted 74 decrees so far and had to disperse all over the world due to attacks, will be Shengal this year as well.
Yazidis in Riha's Weranşar (Viranşehir) district are also preparing to celebrate Çarşema Sor this year. Yazidis from different cities are expected to attend the celebrations to be held at the cultural center in Birç (Burç) rural neighborhood.
Yaşar Burç, one of the residents of the neighborhood, said: "There is a holiday or a special day in every belief and religion. Çarşema Sor is also a very important day for us Yazidis. According to the belief, Gabriel and his angels descend to the universe to create the world. The creation of the world ends on Wednesday. Çarşema Sor is the Wednesday on which the world was born, and we celebrate it on the Wednesday that falls on the first Wednesday after the 13th of April.”
Stating that they will celebrate with the contribution of Yazidis living in Europe, Burç made the following call: "2 years ago, 3 villages affiliated with our tribe united and established our assembly. After that, we built 2 cultural houses. We also celebrated the last Eid (Great Cema) in these cultural centers we opened. Finally we have decided to celebrate Çarşema Sor. This year, we will celebrate Çarşema Sor for the first time in the history of Viranşehir. We invite not only our own tribe and nearby villages, but all our people to the celebrations that will start at 10.00."
MA / Ceylan Şahinli