Police attacks shopkeepers in Bitlis: At least 70 detained

NEWS CENTER - At least 70 people, including the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Davut Tezcan, were detained in the police attack on the shopkeepers who wanted to be displaced on the grounds of the Presidency's "risky area" decision in Bitlis.
Approximately 700 buildings in the central Atatürk, Devrim, Gazibey, Hersan and Müştakbaba neighborhoods of Bitlis were declared "risky areas" in April 2020 with the Presidential Decree. In the application filed against the decision, the court gave a “stay of execution” decision. Despite the decision, shopkeepers were asked to vacate their workplaces until 30 July.
The workplaces that were not evacuated were requested to be evacuated by the police last night. The shopkeepers who stood against this were attacked by the police. The police, who intervened in the shopkeepers with rubber bullets and tear gas at around 00.30 am, detained at least 70 people, including Bitlis Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Davut Tezcan.
Many people who were battered in the police attack were taken to the hospital.